Yes, you can get shiny Riolu in Pokemon GO, but it’s extremely rare.

The only way of getting Riolu in Pokemon GO is by hatching it from an Egg, as it doesn’t spawn in the wild. Then, if you’re lucky enough to hatch Riolu, there’s only a very low chance that it will be the shiny version of Riolu!

Luckily, if you are after the shiny version of this rare Pokemon, there’s no better time to get one than during the Pokemon GO Riolu Hatch Day. This is because there will be a greater chance of hatching shiny Riolu during this event!

Riolu Shiny Odds in Pokemon GO

The odds of any Riolu you encounter in Pokemon GO being shiny are 1 in 64, or 1.6%.

This means, on average, you’ll need to hatch 64 Riolu before you find a shiny one.

However, the odds of Riolu being shiny are boosted during the Riolu Hatch Day event. The exact odds are not confirmed yet, but they will likely be boosted to 1 in 25, or 4%.

Hatch Shiny Riolu Pokemon GO

What Color is Shiny Riolu?

The shiny version of Riolu is a bright yellow color and has dark blue legs, collar, face, and ears.

This makes it appear very different to the standard version of the Pokemon, which is blue with black accents.

Normal and Shiny Riolu Pokemon GO
Riolu (left) and shiny Riolu (right)

How to Get Shiny Lucario in Pokemon GO

The only way to get shiny Lucario in Pokemon GO is by evolving a shiny Riolu, using 50 Riolu Candy. This is because Lucario does not spawn in the wild.

Shiny Lucario shares the same color scheme as shiny Riolu. It is bright yellow with dark blue details.

Normal and Shiny Lucario Pokemon GO
Lucario (left) and shiny Lucario (right)
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