No, you cannot get the shiny version of the Jewel Pokemon, Diancie, in Pokemon GO.

As Diancie was only recently added to the game, the shiny version is not yet available. New Pokemon rarely come to the game alongside their shiny version, as developer Niantic usually releases them a year afterward.

If you are after shiny Diancie, you’ll have to be patient – there’s no sign of it coming to the game any time soon!

Pokemon GO Shiny Diancie Release Date

Pokemon GO developer Niantic has not yet announced the release date for shiny Diancie. This is because it has only just come to the game.

What’s more, as Diancie is currently exclusive for GO Fest ticket holders, we don’t expect that its shiny version will come to the game in the near future. Even when it does finally arrive, shiny Diancie may also be locked behind a ticketed Research, similar to Mythical Pokemon.

Even if the shiny version of this Pokemon is not available yet, you’ll still want to add it to your Pokedex. Here’s how you can get Diancie and Mega Diancie in Pokemon GO!

Pokemon GO Fest Diancie

What Color is Shiny Diancie?

The shiny version of Diancie retains the pink crystals of the standard version. However, its body and face are a darker gray color, and it wears a dark pink dress.

While both versions are quite similar, thedarker color scheme makes it stand out from the standard light gray Diancie, which wears a white dress.

Normal and Shiny Diancie Pokemon GO
Diancie (left) and shiny Diancie (right)
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