The Ghost-type Yamask has become a staple of the yearly Halloween events in Pokemon GO, and it has got players wondering whether they can catch the shiny version. We’ve got the answer for you!

Yes, you can catch the shiny version of Yamask in Pokemon GO, as any Yamask you encounter in the game has a very low chance of being shiny.

Unfortunately, the odds of Yamask being shiny are very low, even if it is very easy to encounter in the wild during the 2023 Pokemon GO Halloween event.

If you want to catch shiny Yamask in Pokemon GO, your best chance to find one is during the October 31 Yamask Spotlight Hour. This is because Yamask will be spawning much more often, giving you plenty of chances to encounter the shiny version.

Yamask Shiny Odds in Pokemon GO

The odds of Yamask being shiny in Pokemon GO are 0.2%. This means that roughly 1 in 500 Yamask you encounter will be shiny.

Unfortunatey, you cannot boost shiny odds in Pokemon GO, so you’ll have to spend plenty of time hunting this shiny!

Catch Shiny Yamask in Pokemon GO

What Color is Shiny Yamask?

The shiny version of Yamask has a dark blue/purple body, yellow eyes, and is holding a silver mask.

This makes it appear very different to the standard version of Yamask, which is black, has red eyes, and is carrying a golden mask.

The most obvious sign that a Yamask you encounter is the shiny version is the mask. This is because it’s easy to tell apart the standard Yamask’s gold mask and the silver mask of the shiny.

Normal and Shiny Yamask in Pokemon GO
Yamask (left) and shiny Yamask (right)

How to Get Shiny Cofagrigus in Pokemon GO

The only way of getting shiny Cofagrigus in Pokemon GO is by evolving a shiny Yamask. This is because Cofagrigus does not spawn in the wild.

Additionally, to evolve shiny Yamask into shiny Cofagrigus, you need 50 Yamask Candy. While it may seem like a lot of Candy, it should be pretty easy to collect this many, as Yamask is a very common spawn during the 2023 Pokemon GO Halloween event.

Normal and Shiny Cofagrigus in Pokemon GO
Cofagrigus (left) and shiny Cofagrigus (right)

The shiny version of Cofagrigus has a silver sarcophagus with pink stripes and dark purple ghostly hands. This is a stark difference in color compared to the gold and teal standard version, which also has black hands.

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