No, you cannot catch shiny Larvesta in Pokemon GO yet, as it hasn’t been added to the game.

As Larvesta made its Pokemon GO debut on May 2, 2023, during the An Instinctive Hero event, Niantic has not added the shiny version just yet. The developer usually waits a while before releasing the shiny version of new Pokemon.

Even if shiny Larvesta isn’t available yet, you’ll still want to catch the standard version of this new ‘Mon. Find out the only way to get Larvesta in Pokemon GO – it doesn’t spawn in the wild, so you’ll need to know how to find one!

Pokemon GO Larvesta

What Color is Shiny Larvesta?

The shiny version of Larvesta is very similar to the standard version of the Pokemon. It is still mostly white, but instead of red horns, it has yellow horns.

Additionally, the shiny Larvesta has green eyes instead of blue eyes.

The shiny version of its evolution, Volcarona, is more different from the standard version. It has yellow horns and wings, as well as a purple head and a lower body.

Normal and Shiny Larvesta Pokemon GO

How to Get Shiny Volcarona in Pokemon GO

Currently, you cannot get a shiny Volcarona in Pokemon GO, as there is not a shiny Larvesta in the game.

However, once shiny Larvesta arrives in Pokemon GO, you will be able to evolve a shiny Larvesta into a shiny Volcarona using 400 Larvesta Candy.

Of course, it won’t be easy earning 400 Larvesta Candy to evolve it into Volcarona. Find out the fastest ways to earn Candy in Pokemon GO so you can collect 400 Candy in no time!

Normal and Shiny Volcarona Pokemon GO
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