No, you cannot catch the shiny version of Komala in Pokemon GO yet, as this Pokemon has just come to the game.

Komala finally arrived in Pokemon GO on June 15, 2023, and very few Pokemon debut in the game at the same time as their shiny version.

Even if you can’t catch shiny Komala, you’ll definitely want to make sure you add the standard Komala to your Pokedex while you can. Find out how to catch Komala in Pokemon GO, as it is only available for two days.

Pokemon GO Komala

Is There A Shiny Komala Release Date in Pokemon GO?

Pokemon GO developer Niantic has not revealed the release date for shiny Komala yet.

What’s more, as this ‘Mon has just arrived in the game, don’t expect the developer to reveal when shiny Komala is coming to the game any time soon, either.

Despite this, we can estimate that shiny Komala to come to Pokemon GO at some point in Summer 2024. This is because it usually takes around a year for new Pokemon to get their shiny versions in the game.

What Color is Shiny Komala?

Shiny Komala itself is exactly the same color as its normal version, from head to toe. However, the log pillow that shiny Komala carries is white and pink instead of brown.

Although there are plenty of disappointing shiny Pokemon throughout the series, this has to be up there as one of the worst. At least nobody will be upset that it isn’t in the game yet!

Normal and Shiny Komala Pokemon GO

Komala (left) and shiny Komala (right)

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