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Pokemon GO: Can You Catch Shiny Genesect?

Can Genesect be shiny in Pokemon GO?

Yes, you can catch the shiny version of Genesect in Pokemon GO, but only if you are very lucky.

Despite being a Mythical Pokemon, Genesect has the same shiny odds as Legendaries in Pokemon GO, which is 5%. This means that, on average, you’ll need to encounter 20 Genesect before you find a shiny one.

By far the best time to catch a shiny Genesect is during the Pokemon GO Genesect Raid Hour. This is because the number of 5-star Genesect Raids taking place will be greatly increased then.

Shiny genesect Pokemon GO

What Color is Shiny Genesect in Pokemon GO?

The shiny version of Genesect is mostly red but has light pink details, such as its hands, feet, cannon, and stripe on its lower body. Additionally, its eyes are a light grey color.

This makes it appear very different to the standard version of Genesect, which is purple with light purple details and pink eyes. Everything apart from its mouth and the drive on its back is a different color.

Genesect is one of the only Mythical Pokemon in the game with a shiny version. Check out our list of every Mythical Pokemon in Pokemon GO to see how to catch all of them and which ones have shiny versions!

Normal and Shiny Genesect Pokemon GO
Normal Genesect (left) and shiny Genesect (right)

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