Yes, you can catch the shiny version of Bombirdier in Pokemon GO, but you will need a lot of luck to do so.

Any time you encounter Bombirdier in Pokemon GO, there’s a low chance it’ll be the shiny version. However, as Bombirdier is only available from Tier 3 Raids, this limits how many times you can encounter it.

Currently, you can only catch Bombirdier in Tier 3 Raids from September 10 until September 15, 2023. However, it will likely begin to spawn in the wild at some point in the future.

How to Get Shiny Bombirdier in Pokemon GO

To get a shiny Bombirdier in Pokemon GO, you must first defeat Bombirdier in a Tier 3 Raid battle. Then, you need to hope that the Bombirdier you encounter is the shiny one.

Unfortunately, the odds of Bombirdier being shiny are around 1.6%, or 1 in 64.

This means that, on average, you’ll need to win 64 Bombirdier Raids before you find the shiny version.

If you don’t want to grind dozens of Raids to get the shiny version, we recommend that you wait for Bombirdier to become more readily available in the future.

Bombirdier Flying Over a City Pokemon GO

What Color is Shiny Bombirdier?

The shiny version of Bombirdier is very similar to the normal version of this Pokemon, as it is also white, with the bottom of its wings being black.

The only difference is that the shiny Bombirdier has a black beak and legs, instead of the reddish-pink of the standard version.

Normal and Shiny Bombirdier in Pokemon GO
Bombirdier (left) and shiny Bombirdier (right)
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