Yes, you can get the shiny versions of Azurill, Marill, and Azumarill in Pokemon GO.

Shiny Azurill is only available through hatching Eggs, shiny Marill can be obtained through evolution or catching one in the wild, and shiny Azumarill is only obtainable through evolution!

How to Get Shiny Azurill in Pokemon GO

The only way to get a shiny Azurill in Pokemon GO is by hatching one from an Egg. The odds of any Azurill you hatch from an Egg being shiny are 1 in 64.

However, this shiny rate will be boosted during the Azurill Hatch Day event!

The shiny version of Azurill is a bright green color instead of blue.

Normal and Shiny Azurill Pokemon GO
Azurill (left) and shiny Azurill (right)

How to Get Shiny Marill in Pokemon GO

There are two ways of getting the shiny version of Marill in Pokemon GO:

  • Catch a shiny Marill that has spawned in the wild or that you have found from a Research encounter
  • Evolve a shiny Azurill into a shiny Marill using 25 Marill Candy

The odds of a wild Marill being shiny in Pokemon GO are 0.2%, or 1 in 500 – much lower than Azurill’s shiny rate.

Also, just like shiny Azurill, the shiny version of Marill is green instead of blue.

Normal and Shiny Marill Pokemon GO
Marill (left) and shiny Marill (right)

How to Get Shiny Azumarill in Pokemon GO

To get the shiny version of Azumarill in Pokemon GO, you must catch a shiny Marill and then evolve it into a shiny Azumarill. This is because shiny Azumarill does not spawn in the wild.

To evolve shiny Marill into shiny Azumarill, you need 25 Marill Candy.

Unlike the shiny versions of Azurill and Marill in Pokemon GO, shiny Azumarill is golden!

Normal and Shiny Azumarill Pokemon GO
Azumarill (left) and shiny Azumarill (right)
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