Yes, you can catch the shiny version of Axew in Pokemon GO, but it is extremely rare.

Any Axew you encounter in Pokemon GO has the chance of being shiny, but the odds are just 0.2%. This means that, on average, you’ll have to encounter 500 Axew before finding the shiny version.

The best time to catch the shiny version of Axew is during the Pokemon GO Axew Community Day on June 6, 2023!

What Color is Shiny Axew?

The shiny version of Axew is a tan color with a brownish-green horn and a purple collar around its neck.

The main difference between the shiny and the normal version of Axew is the purple collar. Other than that, shiny Axew is just a less vibrant version of the normal Axew with pink eyes instead of red.

However, shiny Axew can evolve into two very cool-looking Pokemon!

Normal and Shiny Axew Pokemon GO
Axew (left) and shiny Axew (right)

Shiny Fraxure is green and black with a striking light blue tail, claws, and markings. Meanwhile, shiny Haxorus is black with red claws, talons, and tusks!

How to Get Shiny Fraxure & Haxorus in Pokemon GO

To get the shiny versions of Fraxure and Haxorus in Pokemon GO, you need to catch and evolve a shiny Axew. This is because Fraxure and Haxorus do not spawn in the wild.

To evolve shiny Axew into shiny Fraxure, you need 25 Axew Candy. Then, you’ll need a further 100 Axew Candy to evolve shiny Fraxure into shiny Haxorus.

Shiny Fraxure and Haxorus Pokemon GO
Shiny Fraxure (left) and shiny Haxorus (right) in Pokemon GO
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