Niantic has released a companion app for Pokemon GO – Campfire! But what exactly does it do?

The Campfire App will allow players to find more players and real-world activities, in-game! The app is able to be used to its fullest by players attending real-world Pokemon GO events and meetups.

However, players not attending these events can still use the app to gather players for difficult Legendary Raids.

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Campfire App Features

This brand new app has 4 key features that benefit Pokemon GO. These are:

  • Finding nearby communities
  • Niantic Friends
  • Messaging function
  • Real-World Activities

Finding Nearby Communities

Players can use Campfire to find other Pokemon trainers easily, as well as groups for Raids! With the initial release of the Campfire app, only a small selection of communities will be available with more being added at a later date.

This is a great new feature, to help find other Pokemon trainers to trade and Raid with. Plus, it is especially important to find other players to Raid with after Niantic made Remote Raid Passes much harder to get!

Pokemon GO Campfire App

Niantic Friends

Not just Pokemon GO, players will be able to add and manage their friends’ list from every Niantic game linked with their account through the Campfire app! This includes games such as Pikmin Bloom and Peridot.

Messaging Function

Players will be able to create Group chats in the Campfire app as well as the ability to message other players directly. Alongside this players are also able to share Gyms and Raids!

With this and the new ability to IV search for Pokemon, many Gyms will likely be up for grabs! Players should stock up on some of the best Gym defending Pokemon in the game!

There are a few other things players can do thanks to the messaging function:

  • Share their live location (this is optional and lasts only an hour before turning off automatically)
  • Post photos
  • Chat with friends in any Niantic game.

Real-World Activities

With the Campfire App, players can join and share community events, alongside keeping track of reminders! The map will feature events that players can see.

Players attending in-person Pokemon GO Fest events are able to join popular Pokemon GO players on Guided treks. These should be a regular occurrence with real-world Pokemon GO events from now on.

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Pokemon GO Fest Atendees

The Campfire App promises to be a gamechanger for players, so make sure to use it if you are looking to find other Pokemon Trainers nearby!

Meanwhile, if you are going adventuring, make sure you know the fastest way to earn buddy hearts in Pokemon GO!