When adventuring in Pokemon GO, you might notice a PokeStop that has a blue or green circle floating above it. But what does this symbol mean?

Any PokeStop in Pokemon GO that has a blue/green circle above it is currently holding a PokeStop Showcase. This is a competition against other trainers where you compare the attributes of your Pokemon.

The PokeStop will only have a blue/green circle above it when there is an active PokeStop Showcase taking place, and you haven’t entered a Pokemon.

Blue Green Circle Above PokeStop Pokemon GO

If you spot a PokeStop with a bluey-green or turquoise circle above it, be sure to check the PokeStop Showcase. Entering one of your Pokemon into a Showcase is a great way to get some valuable rewards, and it costs absolutely nothing!

Here’s our Pokemon GO PokeStop Showcase guide if you need some more information about this competition!

In addition to the blue/green and purple circle above PokeStops, you may also notice a purple or orange circle above PokeStops where you previously entered a PokeStop Showcase.

What Are PokeStops With Purple Circles Above Them?

A PokeStop with a purple circle above it is one where you have entered a Pokemon into a PokeStop Showcase.

After you enter a Pokemon into a PokeStop Showcase, the circle above the PokeStop will change to purple. This is similar to how PokeStops turn purple after you spin them.

The color of the circle above the PokeStop will then change again once the PokeStop Showcase ends.

PokeStop With Purple Circle Above It

What Are PokeStops With Orange Circles Above Them?

The PokeStops with orange circles above them are locations where PokeStop Showcases have concluded, and you have rewards to claim.

If you tap on the PokeStop, you can claim your PokeStop Showcase rewards!

Alternatively, you can claim your rewards remotely through the Today View tab. This is where information such as event bonuses and your Pokemon in Gyms are displayed.

Orange Circle above PokeStop Pokemon GO

Every trainer who participates in PokeStop Showcases earns a small reward, such as Stardust or XP. However, if you place in the top 3, you can earn some great rewards, such as an Incubator or a Star Piece.

Be sure to keep an eye out for circles above PokeStops, whether they are blue/green or orange. After all, you’ll want to compete in as many PokeStop Showcases as you can and claim all of the rewards you earn!

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