This week’s Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour features Blitzle and will be taking place from 6 PM to 7 PM local time on January 31, 2023.

During this hour, Blitzle will be spawning much more frequently, making it a great time to earn some Candy for powering up and evolving Blitzle or catching a perfect version of the Pokemon!

However, most Pokemon trainers taking part in Spotlight Hours are there to catch shiny Pokemon. But can you catch a shiny Blitzle in Pokemon GO?

What’s more, even if you aren’t too fussed about Blitzle being the featured Pokemon, there is a great in-game bonus that every Pokemon trainer can benefit from!

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Pokemon GO Blitzle in a Field

Pokemon GO January 31 Blitzle Spotlight Hour Bonus

The bonus for the January 31 Pokemon GO Blitzle Spotlight Hour is 2x Candy for transferring Pokemon.

Therefore, if you have space in your Pokemon storage, make sure to keep unwanted Pokemon until the Spotlight Hour. Then, you can transfer them all and get double the Candy!

Also, make sure to follow these tips to earn more Candy in Pokemon GO! This will let you get additional Candy for catching and transferring Pokemon during the Spotlight Hour.

You can even use your Daily Adventure Incense as well as Lure Modules during the Spotlight Hour to increase how many Pokemon you encounter and earn even more Candy.

In other news, there is still plenty of new content in the Crackling Voltage event for players to enjoy. This includes a new 7km Egg and an exciting selection of Raid bosses!

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