To win your battles in the Pokemon GO Weather Cup, you’ll need the right Pokemon on your team. These are the best Pokemon you can use for it!

Every week, the GO Battle League introduces a different competition with a unique ruleset for players to battle in. This week is the Element Cup.

The rules for this cup are pretty simple but also very restrictive so you’ll need to know the best Pokemon for the cup to stand a chance of winning.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Weather Cup so you can breeze through your battles!

Before you jump into a battle, find out how to get Premium Battle Passes in Pokemon GO. Using one of these will give you access to better rewards!

Pokemon GO Battle Pikachu Libre

Pokemon GO Weather Cup Rules

  • All Pokemon must be 2500 CP or below
  • Only these 4 types of Pokemon are allowed:
    • Fire
    • Ice
    • Rock
    • Water

Therefore, if you want to earn all of the great GO Battle League rewards for the Season of Light, you’ll need to have some powerful Pokemon of these four types!

Pokemon GO Weather Cup Types

Best Pokemon Team to Use in the Weather Cup

We recommend using Cradily, Lanturn, and Regirock in the Pokemon GO Weather Cup.

While there is no definitive ‘best’ team, Cradily seems to be the most powerful Pokemon in the Weather Cup, and pairing it with Lanturn and Regirock makes for a well-balanced team.

Although, you’ll want to know how to earn XL Candy fast in Pokemon GO as you’ll need it to power up two of these Pokemon, as well as some of the other great options for the tournament.

These are our top 10 Pokemon to use in the Weather Cup:

PokemonImageTypeFast AttackCharged Attacks
Cradily (XL)Cradily Pokemon GORock/GrassBullet SeedGrass Knot
Stone Edge
Lanturn (XL)Lanturn Pokemon GOWater/ElectricSparkSurf
Ludicolo (XL)Ludicolo Pokemon GOWater/GrassRazor LeafIce Beam
Leaf Storm
SwampertSwampert Pokemon GOWater/GroundMud ShotHydro Cannon*
Tapu FiniTapu Fini Pokemon GOWater/FairyWater GunSurf
RegirockRegirock Pokemon GORockLock OnStone Edge 
Focus Blast
SamurottSamurott Pokemon GOWater/Fury CutterHydro Cannon
Abomasnow (XL)Abomasnow Pokemon GOGrass/IcePowder SnowEnergy Ball
Weather Ball (Ice)
Tentacruel (XL)Tentacruel Pokemon GOWater/PoisonPoison JabAcid Spray
Poliwrath (XL)Poliwrath Pokemon GOWater/FightingMud ShotDynamic Punch

Every Pokemon with the (XL) label next to their name requires XL Candy to get up to 2500 CP and attacks with a star next to them can only be contained during events or by using Elite TMs. Here’s how to get Elite Fast and Charged TMs in Pokemon GO so you can teach your Pokemon these powerful attacks!

Additionally, find out how to earn Candy faster in Pokemon GO. Using these tips, you’ll be able to power up all of your Pokemon much quicker.

Start Date & Time

The Pokemon GO Weather Cup starts on September 15 at:

  • 1 PM PT
  • 3 PM ET
  • 9 PM BST

In addition to the Weather Cup, the GO Battle League will also have the Ultra League open for players to compete in during this week.

End Date & Time

Pokemon trainers can battle in the Weather Cup for a week until September 22 at:

  • 1 PM PT
  • 3 PM ET
  • 9 PM BST

Also, check the Season of Light GO Battle League schedule to find out next week’s tournaments and beyond!

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