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Pokemon GO: Best Little Cup Remix Battle Team – July 2022

Here are the best Pokemon you should have on your battle team to win in the Pokemon GO Little Cup Remix!

If you want to win battles in Pokemon GO, you’ll need to have the right Pokemon on your battle team. 

However, different Pokemon are good for all of the various tournaments in the GO Battle League. This includes the new Little Cup Remix.

Here are all of the best Pokemon to use in the Little Cup Remix so you can win your battles easily!

Pokemon GO Little Cup Remix Start Date, End Date & Rules

The Little Cup Remix in Pokemon GO begins on July 20 and will last one week, ending on July 27. Getting your battle team right for this cup can be tricky as there are a couple of rules you need to follow:

  • Pokemon must be at or below 500 CP to enter
  • Only Pokemon that are able to evolve and have not evolved even once are eligible
Pokemon GO Little Cup Battle

Additionally, these Pokemon are banned from the Little Cup Remix:

  • Vulpix
  • Bronzor
  • Cottonee
  • Deino

These 4 Pokemon dominated the Little Cup last season, so players will have to find some new ones to use if they want to win in the remixed version.

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Best Pokemon GO Fossil Cup Battle Team

Here are the best 3 Pokemon you can use in the Little Cup Remix. Make sure to use the new Pokemon GO IV search filter to find your most powerful of these particular Pokemon to power up!


Wynaut Pokemon GO

First up, Wynaut is the best pick for the Little Cup Remix in Pokemon GO. 

Not only is it insanely hard to take down, but Counter is also an extremely strong fast move that can do a lot of damage to opposing Pokemon. 

  • Type – Psychic
  • Fast Move – Counter
  • Charged Move – Mirror Coat


Pokemon GO Ducklett

Ducklett is always a solid choice for low CP cups in Pokemon GO PVP, and it performs very well in the Little Cup Remix too!

Make sure to use these powerful moves to make Ducklett as effective as possible in battles:

  • Type – Water/Flying
  • Fast Move – Wing Attack
  • Charged Moves – Bubble Beam, Brave Bird


Pokemon GO Shelmet

To round off the team is Shelmet. This Pokemon is tough to take down and it is also a great counter for Wynaut, which will dominate the Little League Remix.

These are the best moves for Shelmet:

  • Type – Bug
  • Fast Move – Infestation
  • Charged Moves – Body Slam, Bug Buzz

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Best Alternatives

If you don’t have our top 3 picks for the Pokemon GO Little Cup Remix, these Pokemon also perform very well:

  • Jangmo-o
  • Dratini
  • Skorupi
  • Drifloon
  • Nidoran (Female)

Good luck working your way up the ranks in the GO Battle League. The Little Cup Remix should be a breeze when using this battle team!

Also, make sure you check out the Pokemon GO Battle League schedule. This will show you the rotation for all of the leagues and cups in the GO Battle League!

In other news, the PVP meta in Pokemon GO could be getting some major changes soon. A new datamine has revealed over 50 Pokemon that are coming to Pokemon GO soon!

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