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Pokemon GO: Best Little Cup Battle Team – April 2022

Here are the best 3 Pokemon you should use in your team to win all of your battles in the Pokemon GO Little Cup!

PvP battles in Pokemon GO are all about which ‘Mon you select to fight. And while every Pokemon trainer has their favorites, Niantic sometimes drops limited-time cups with different requirements.

As part of the huge April event calendar for Pokemon GO, the Little Cup has once again returned to the Battle League. This means you won’t be able to use your most powerful Pokemon to battle in this cup.

Although you will need to know the best raid team in Pokemon GO right now to catch legendary Pokemon!

Pokemon GO Battle

The requirements for the Little Cup are simple – you can only use Pokemon 500 CP or under. While this limits your options a lot, there are still plenty of Pokemon to choose from.

These are the top 3 best Pokemon you should use in your Little Cup battle team in April 2022!

But first, find out everything you need to know about the Spring into Spring event in Pokemon GO!

Best Battle League Pokemon Under 500 CP For Pokemon GO Little Cup


Bronzor Pokemon GO

By far the best pick for the Little Cup in Pokemon GO is Bronzor. Putting Bronzor as your lead Pokemon will set you up well for the rest of the battle.

Steel/Psychic-type is great for defending but Bronzor can also deal some decent damage thanks to its good stats and strong moves!

  • Type – Steel/Psychic
  • Fast Move  Confusion
  • Charged Moves – Heavy Slam, Payback

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Cottonee Pokemon GO

Cottonee has been a mainstay for almost every below-500-CP Pokemon GO battle team and it’s no different for the returning Little Cup.

It might not be as dominant as it was in the Little Jungle Cup thanks to the Bronzor meta, but Charm is a great move to destroy all Dark and Fighting types!

  • Type – Grass/Fairy
  • Fast Move – Charm
  • Charged Moves – Grass Knot, Seed Bomb

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Pokemon GO Seel

Finally, with Bronzor being the meta in the Little Cup and every Pokemon GO trainer who has one using it, you’ll need a ‘Mon to counter Bronzor.

Seel is the best counter for Bronzor when using Lick, but Ice Shard is another powerful move if you want to go all-in on Ice attacks.

  • Type – Water
  • Fast Move  Lick
  • Charged Moves – Aqua Tail, Icy Wind

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And those are our top 3 best Pokemon for the Pokemon GO Little Cup. Use these ‘Mon and you’ll be rising up the rankings in no time!

Also, even if you’ll be busy battling, don’t forget to take part in the upcoming Pokemon GO Exeggcute Research Day!

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