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Pokemon GO: Best Kanto Cup Battle Team – April 2022

Here are the best 3 Pokemon you should use in your team to be a champion in the Pokemon GO Kanto Cup!

The Kanto Cup is the newest addition to the Pokemon GO PvP scene. This makes an interesting challenge for trainers who want to try out some different strategies!

The Kanto Cup runs until May 3, and all Stardust rewards are 3x normal. This makes it a great chance to earn some Stardust fast!

The rules of the Kanto Cup are simple. All Pokemon must have 1500 CP or less, and you can’t use any Pokemon with a Pokedex number greater than 151.

Two Pokemon trainers are faced off, ready to battle. They are both clutching Poke Balls and wearing Pikachu masks. In between them there is a green triangular logo with the number "3", signifying they are at Rank 3 in the GO Battle League.

In other words, the only Pokemon allowed are those introduced in the original Game Boy Pokemon Games, Red, Blue, and Yellow. This means there’s a very limited pool of Pokemon you can choose from!

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That being said, there’s still lots of choice, and lots of powerful Pokemon to consider. Let’s take a look at the best Pokemon to use in the Kanto Cup!

Best Battle League Pokemon For Pokemon GO Kanto Cup


Veteran battlers will already know that Nidoqueen is one of the best Pokemon to use in PvP, and the Kanto Cup is no exception! Her excellent Poison/Ground typing offers useful resistances to Electric, Fighting, Fairy, and more!

Leading with Nidoqueen will stand you in good stead against most Kanto Cup teams. Even if your opponent switches to a counter, you can reduce their defense with a powerful Poison Fang!

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While all of Nidoqueen’s Charged Moves are strong options, she needs to use Poison Jab as a Fast Move. Here’s our recommended moveset for Nidoqueen:

  • Type – Poison / Ground
  • Fast Move – Poison Jab
  • Charged Moves – Poison Fang, Earth Power


As Nidoqueen is the most commonly used Pokemon in the Retro Cup meta, you need to make sure you have a strong Pokemon to counter her. Fortunately, Hypno is perfect for the job, able to tank strong hits and deal huge damage with Confusion!

Hypno’s balanced stats and wide movepool make it an excellent pick in Kanto Cup. With a whopping nine possible Charged Moves to choose from, it’s an unpredictable choice that can keep your opponents guessing!

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While Hypno can learn lots of powerful Charged Moves, we recommend you use at least one elemental punch attack for its low energy cost. This is our recommended moveset for Hypno:

  • Type – Psychic
  • Fast Move – Confusion
  • Charged Moves – Shadow Ball, Ice Punch


The original favorite bird Pokemon is a force to be reckoned with in the Kanto Cup! Pidgeot’s powerful moveset allows it to hard counter popular Grass and Fighting-type Pokemon, such as Venusaur and Machamp.

While PIdgeot requires an Elite Fast TM to learn its best Fast Move (Gust), it’s well worth the investment. Although if you don’t have one to hand, it works really well with Air Slash!

Make sure that you teach your Pidgeot the Charged Move Feather Dance, as this will help weaken its counters! Even though you can’t use the powerful Mega Pidgeot raid star, here’s our recommended moveset for Pidgeot in the Kanto Cup:

  • Type – Normal / Flying
  • Fast Move – Gust
  • Charged Moves – Brave Bird, Feather Dance
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Of course, these aren’t the only Pokemon that are worth using in Kanto Cup. We’ve had success with less common picks too, including Sandslash, Electrode, and Pinsir!

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There are lots of fun events too, including the upcoming Alolan Geodude Community Day. Make sure you check out our guide to catching Shiny Cherrim too!

Let us know in the comments what Pokemon you’re using in the Kanto Cup!

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