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Pokemon GO: Best Fossil Cup Battle Team – June 2022

Here’s the best Battle Team you should be using to win in the Pokemon GO Fossil Cup! Good luck battling, Pokemon trainer!

Pokemon GO battling is all about having the right Pokemon with the most powerful moves. However, each different cup in the GO Battle League has different rules.

This means that your team for the new Pokemon GO Fossil Cup will have to be completely different to the Battle League teams you’ve used previously if you want to win.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Pokemon GO Fossil Cup as well as the best Battle Team you can use in it!

But first, find out everything you need to know about the Pokemon GO TCG Crossover event!

Pokemon GO Fossil Cup Start Date, End Date & Rules

The Pokemon GO Fossil Cup started on June 15. It will run until 4 PM ET / 1 PM PT on June 22.

Like all cups in the Pokemon GO Battle league, there are also restrictions on what Pokemon you can pick for the Fossil Cup. Here are the rules for the Fossil Cup:

  • Max CP Per Pokemon: 1500
  • Only Water, Rock, or Steel-type Pokemon

This cup will also be active during the upcoming Pokemon GO Battle Day featuring Mankey!

Pokemon GO Fossil Cup

Now that you know the rules, here are the three best Pokemon you can use in your Battle Team for the Pokemon GO Fossil Cup.

Make sure you know how to get Elite Fast and Charged TMs in Pokemon GO to pick the best moves for your ‘Mon!

Best Pokemon GO Fossil Cup Battle Team

This is the best Pokemon GO Battle Team for the Fossil Cup:


Pokemon GO Registeel

First, Registeel is possibly the best Pokemon for the Fossil Cup. It is a perfect pick to be your lead Pokemon thanks to its high HP and resistance to Steel and Rock.

Registeel can also deal some pretty good damage too if you use the Lock-On Fast Move. Finally, you’ll want to teach Registeel both Focus Blast and Zap cannon to get the most out of this ‘Mon.

  • Type – Steel
  • Fast Move – Lock-On
  • Charged Moves – Focus Blast and Zap Cannon

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Pokemon GO Ferrothorn

Next, Ferrothorn is another great option for your Battle Team in the Pokemon GO Fossil Cup. Like Registeel before it, it is very tanky and also has a great type for the cup.

Grass/Steel-Type means it is weak to very few Pokemon and it is also strong against Rock and Water-types.

The best Fast Move for Ferrothorn is Bullet Seed. Meanwhile, having both Thunder and Power Whip will have you covered for any opposing Pokemon you face.

  • Type – Grass / Steel
  • Fast Move – Bullet Seed
  • Charged Move – Thunder and Power Whip

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Pokemon GO Lucario

To round off the best Pokemon GO Fossil Cup team, we recommend Lucario.

While some players may opt for a Water-Type like Swampert or Araquanid for their third pick, Lucario is a great counter to the Registeel and Ferrothorn that many players will be running.

Ideally, your Lucario will have Counter as its Fast Move, then Power-up Punch, and Shadow Ball as its Charged Moves.

  • Type – Fighting / Steel
  • Fast Move – Counter
  • Charged Move – Power-Up Punch and Shadow Ball

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Best Alternatives

If you don’t have all of these Pokemon, these are a few others that perform very well in the Fossil Cup:

  • Pelipper
  • Araquanid
  • Escavalier
  • Swampert

And those are the best Pokemon you can use in your Pokemon GO Fossil Cup Battle Team. Good luck battling!

In other news, a massive Pokemon GO leak has revealed over 50 upcoming Pokemon! This will certainly shake up the PvP meta!

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