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Pokemon GO: Best Flying Cup Battle Team – May 2022

Here are the best 3 Pokemon you should use in your team to be a champion in the Pokemon GO Flying Cup!

The Flying Cup is the newest metagame available in the Pokemon GO Battle League! It was previously available for six hours as part of a GO Battle Day, but now it’s back for more trainers to take part!

The Flying Cup is active between May 3 and May 10, giving players a full week to get battling.

The rules of the Flying Cup are simple:

  • All Pokemon that enter must have 1500CP or less
  • All Pokemon must be of the Flying type
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This drastically changes the metagame! Lots of Great League mainstays are no longer available, and some less commonly seen Pokemon have the chance to rise to glory.

With so many potential ‘Mon to choose, it can be very difficult to decide who to use. Thankfully, we’ve got you covered.

Read on to find out the best 3 Pokemon to use in the Flying Cup!

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Best Battle League Pokemon For Pokemon GO Kanto Cup


Aerodactyl, a fearsome fossil Pokemon, is hovering menacingly with its huge wings outstretched.

Without a doubt, Aerodactyl is the strongest Pokemon to use in the Flying Cup. Because of Aerodactyl, lots of Pokemon have become more popular just because they can counter it!

The reason behind Aerodactyl’s reign of terror is its powerful Fast move, Rock Throw. Since every Pokemon that can enter the Flying Cup is at least part Flying, Rock Throw can hit most of the metagame for super-effective damage!

While Aerodactyl doesn’t have great defense or stamina, its attack stat is one of the league’s highest. This means it can shred through its opponents defenses with Rock Throw alone.

Unlike lots of other Pokemon in the Flying Cup, Aerodactyl only needs one Charged Move to succeed, and that’s Rock Slide. Here’s our recommended moveset for Aerodactyl in the Flying Cup:

  • Type – Flying / Rock
  • Fast Move – Rock Throw
  • Charged Move – Rock Slide


Skarmory, a metal bird Pokemon, is hovering in front of a blue vortex. It is poised ready to attack.

To make sure that your team isn’t defeated by opposing Aerodactyl, you need to have a great counter for it. Skarmory is the best ‘Mon for the job with its huge defense stat!

Not only is Skarmory a defensive powerhouse, it has access to a powerful Steel Wing attack. This means it can take out opposing Aerodactyl with ease.

Steel is a surprisingly good typing in the Flying Cup. Not only can Skarmory resist the popular Flying-type attacks, but it can also hit lots of popular ‘Mon super-effectively, including Articuno and Togekiss!

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While Skarmory can work well with Air Slash, we recommend you use Steel Wing to ensure you can counter opposing Aerodactyl. Here’s the best moveset for Skarmory in the Flying Cup:

  • Type – Flying / Steel
  • Fast Move – Steel Wing
  • Charged Moves – Sky Attack, Brave Bird


Emolga, a cute flying squirrel Pokemon, is gliding through the air happily. It's smiling, and its sparkling in the sunlight.

While Aerodactyl and Skarmory make a powerful core, they can both be countered by powerful Water/Flying-types, such as Mantine. Thankfully, Emolga patches up that weakness!

Emolga has been one of my all-time favorite Pokemon for a long time, so I’m happy to say that they’re excellent in the Flying Cup meta. With strong Electric-type attacks, they can hit most of the meta for super-effective damage!

While Emolga’s Thunder Shock attack is relatively weak, it generates energy very fast. This means Emolga can fire off powerful Discharge attacks to take down even the bulkiest of opponents.

Emolga also only requires 10,000 Stardust to unlock a second Charged move, meaning it’s a relatively cheap investment! Here’s its strongest moveset for the Flying Cup:

  • Type – Electric / Flying
  • Fast Move – Thunder Shock
  • Charged Moves – Discharge, Aerial Ace
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Between the Flying Cup and Flying Pikachu being released in Pokemon GO, there’s never been a better time to train up some powerful Flying ‘Mon!

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