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Pokemon GO: Best Element Cup Battle Team – May 2022

Here are the best 3 Pokemon you should use in your team to be a champion in the Pokemon GO Element Cup!

The Element Cup is the newest metagame available in Pokemon GO’s PVP scene! It first appeared early last year, and it’s now back for everyone to take part again.

The Element Cup is active between May 10 and May 17, giving players a full week to get battling.

The rules of the Element Cup are simple:

  • All Pokemon that enter must have 500CP or less
  • All Pokemon must be of either Grass, Fire, or Water-type
  • All Pokemon must be able to evolve
  • All Pokemon cannot have evolved even once

This drastically changes the metagame! Since all Pokemon must be in their first form, this limits your choices greatly.

With so many potential ‘Mon to choose from, it can be very difficult to decide who to use. Thankfully, we’ve got you covered.

Read on to find out the best 3 Pokemon to use in the Element Cup!

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Best Battle League Pokemon For Pokemon GO Element Cup


Seven Ducklett are floating on a body of water. They are staring vacantly toward the viewer.

Just like how Aerodactyl dominates the Flying Cup, Ducklett is the strongest Pokemon to use in the Element Cup. It doesn’t just defeat opposing Fire-types, but it can hold its own against lots of Grass-types, too!

The reason for this is its powerful Wing Attack. It can hit Grass-type Pokemon for super-effective damage, meaning it can take on most of the metagame with ease.

All of its charged moves are viable, but we recommend using Brave Bird due to its massive base power. Bubble Beam is another useful choice, as it reduces your opponent’s attack and costs very little energy!

Here’s our recommended moveset for Ducklett in the Element Cup!

  • Type – Water / Flying
  • Fast Move – Wing Attack
  • Charged Moves – Brave Bird, Bubble Beam


A Bulbasaur stands on a sandy ground. We can see some glowing leaves floating around it.

Since Ducklett is the most commonly used Pokemon in the Element Cup, we’ve picked two teammates that can take on opposing Ducklett. Plus, they’re powerful Pokemon in their own right, too!

Bulbasaur is possibly the strongest Grass-type in the Element Cup. Its Vine Whip attack generates energy fast, meaning it can fire out lots of charged moves quickly!

Bulbasaur is especially powerful as it can counter almost every Water-type in the Element Cup perfectly. The only Water-type that consistently beats it is Slowpoke, and Slowpoke can be defeated by Ducklett!

While there are other move combinations that can work with Bulbasaur, here’s our recommended moveset!

  • Type – Grass / Poison
  • Fast Move – Vine Whip
  • Charged Moves – Seed Bomb, Sludge Bomb


A small Vulpix is breathing a huge gout of fire.

While some popular teams in the Element Cup don’t include any Fire-types, we think that Vulpix is too good not to use. This is because it can actually counter lots of popular Water-types, including Seel and Chinchou!

While Vulpix may be known for its powerful Fire-type moves, we recommend you use Quick Attack as your fast move. Not only does it generate energy fast, it can also hit opposing Water and Fire-types hard, allowing you to win matchups you wouldn’t otherwise.

Not only does Vulpix beat almost every Grass-type in the Elemental Cup, it can hold its own against Pokemon of other types too. This makes it an incredibly strong surprise pick!

As mentioned previously, we recommend using Quick Attack as your fast move over Ember. This gives us the following recommended moveset for Vulpix in the Element Cup:

  • Type – Fire
  • Fast Move – Quick Attack
  • Charged Moves – Weather Ball, Body Slam
Two Pokemon GO raid passes can be seen. The left one is orange, and the right one is green, signifying a premium raid pass. In the bottom-right corner, the Pokemon GO logo can be seen.

While these are the best Pokemon to use in the Pokemon GO Element Cup, there are other popular Pokemon to watch out for. Here are some other popular ‘Mon of each type that you can expect to see while battling:

  • Water: Chinchou, Slowpoke, Seel
  • Grass: Cottonee, Fomantis, Exeggcute
  • Fire: Tepig, Slugma, Growlithe

And that’s our full guide to the Pokemon GO Element Cup! Good luck out there!

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