There are plenty of great rewards for rising up the ranks in the Pokemon GO Battle League during the Season of Hidden Gems. Like usual, the rewards are of three kinds:

If you can reach the highest rank of them all – Legendary – you will be able to earn of all the rewards this season!

GO Battle League Reward Encounters & Levels

For winning 3 battles in a set of 5 in the GO Battle League, you will get an encounter with a random Pokemon. Which Pokemon you encounter depends on your current rank.

As you increase your GO Battle League rank, the pool of possible Pokemon increases to include rarer Pokemon like Axew, Gible and Goomy.

These are all of the reward encounter Pokemon in the Season of Hidden Gems:

Pokemon GO MarillMarill1+
Gligar Pokemon GOGligar1+
Nosepass Pokemon GONosepass1+
Wingull Pokemon GOWingull1+
Pokemon GO MedititeMeditite1+
Pokemon GO SphealSpheal6+
Frillish Pokemon GOFrillish6+
Onix Pokemon GOOnix11+
Pokemon GO Lickitung TableLickitung11+
Phantump Pokemon GOPhantump11+
Mareanie Pokemon GOMareanie11+
Wooloo Pokemon GOWooloo16+
Falinks Pokemon GOFalinks16+
Scraggy Pokemon GOScraggy16+
Battle Reward Legendary Raid BossCurrent 5-Star Raid Boss20+
Axew Pokemon GOAxewAce Rank
Gible Pokemon GOGibleVeteran Rank
Goomy Pokemon GOGoomyExpert Rank

Guaranteed Rank-Up Reward Encounters

Once you reach certain ranks in the GO Battle League, you will get a guaranteed encounter with a particular Pokemon. The higher the rank, the better the guaranteed Pokemon encounter.

These are all of the guaranteed rank-up encounter Pokemon in the Season of Hidden Gems and which rank you will get them at:

Excadrill Pokemon GOExcadrill1
Skwovet Pokemon GOSkwovet6
Axew Pokemon GOAxewAce Rank
Gible Pokemon GOGibleVeteran Rank
Goomy Pokemon GOGoomyExpert Rank
Pikachu Libre Pokemon GOPikachu LibreLegendary Rank

Avatar Items & Clothes

In addition to Pokemon encounters, players can earn Avatar clothing and Elite TMs by ranking up in the GO Battle League.

This season, the Avatar clothing you can unlock is based on Clay, the Ground-type Pokemon Gym Leader from Pokemon Black & White. This means there are plenty of cowboy-style clothes to earn!

GO Battle League Rank Reward
19 Elite Charged TM
19 Elite Fast TM (End of Season)
Ace Rank Clay Hat and Shoes
Veteran Rank Clay Pants
Expert Rank Clay Shirt
Legend RankClay Pose
Clay Style Avatar Clothes Pokemon GO

And those are all of the GO Battle League Rewards in the Pokemon GO Season of Hidden Gems! Good luck rising up the ranks and earning them all!

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