The rewards for ranking up in the Pokemon GO Battle League during Season 10: Rising Heroes can be divided into three different groups of rewards:

Players will earn all of these rewards if they win battles and reach the highest rank available – Legendary!

GO Battle League Reward Encounters & Levels

The GO Battle Legaue Reward Track includes encounters with a random Pokemon. Although, which Pokemon you can encounter depends on what rank you are.

These are all of the Pokemon that you could encounter from the reward track in Season 10: Rising Heroes as well as what rank you need to be to have the chance of catching one:

Poliwag Pokemon GOPoliwag1+
Ponyta Pokemon GOPonyta1+
Wingull Pokemon GOWingull1+
Pokemon GO MedititeMeditite1+
Pokemon GO SkarmorySkarmory6+
Frillish Pokemon GOFrillish6+
Onix Pokemon GOOnix11+
Pokemon GO Lickitung TableLickitung11+
lapras pokemon goLapras11+
Dratini Pokemon GODratini11+
Mareanie Pokemon GOMareanie11+
Snorlax Pokemon GOSnorlax16+
Hisuian Sneasel Pokemon GOHisuian Sneasel16+
Scraggy Pokemon GOScraggy16+
Battle Reward Legendary Raid BossCurrent 5-Star Raid Boss20+
Axew Pokemon GOAxewAce Rank
Noibat Pokemon GONoibatVeteran Rank
Goomy Pokemon GOGoomyExpert Rank

Find out how to boost the Candy you earn in Pokemon GO so you can get more Candy for all of these rare Pokemon. That way, you’ll be able to power up and evolve your reward Pokemon faster!

Guaranteed Rank-Up Reward Encounters

Reaching certain ranks in the GO Battle League will give you a guaranteed encounter with a certain Pokemon.

For instance, reaching Ace will give you an Axew encounter, and reaching Legendary Rank will let you catch Pikachu Libre!

These are all of the guaranteed rank up encounters in Season 10: Rising Heroes:

Dragonair Pokemon GODragonair1
Mareanie Pokemon GOMareanie6
Axew Pokemon GOAxewAce Rank
Noibat Pokemon GONoibatVeteran Rank
Goomy Pokemon GOGoomyExpert Rank
Pikachu Libre Pokemon GOPikachu LibreLegendary Rank

If you are lucky, you’ll be able to catch a shiny Pikachu Libre, which may be the rarest Pokemon in the game. Check out our Pokemon GO shiny odds guide to find out how likely this is!

Avatar Items & Clothes

Other than encounters with Pokemon, ranking up in the GO Battle League during Season 10: rising Heroes can give you Elite Fast and Charged TMs as well as clothing for your Avatar.

This season, you can earn items for your Avatar based on Palmer from Pokemon Diamond and Pearl!

GO Battle League Rank Reward
19 Elite Charged TM
19 Elite Fast TM (End of Season)
Ace Rank Palmer top
Veteran Rank Palmer Shoes
Expert Rank Palmer Pants
Legend RankPalmer Pose

If you want some more clothes to go with your new Palmer items, you’ll need to spend some coins. Here’s the fastest way to earn PokeCoins in Pokemon GO!

Pokemon GO Battle League Palmer Rewards

Finally, if you want to win in the GO Battle League, you’ll want to find out the best Pokemon to use in each of the Leagues:

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