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Pokemon GO Battle Day: Stardust Surprise – Date, Time, Rewards & More

Pokemon GO has a new special event to take part in, the GO Battle Day: Stardust Surprise. Here’s everything you need to know!

The latest Pokemon GO event is just around the corner with Niantic’s new announcement of GO Battle Day: Stardust Surprise.

The upcoming event aims to help players farm additional Stardust, to make leveling up your favorite Pokemon that much easier. In addition, there are some one-day-only changes coming to the game, which is sure to help player sentiment.

Lately, fans have been rather upset at the mobile AR game. Players have been lashing out at developer Niantic’s ‘rip off’ Community Day changes, and some are even planning a boycott of Pokemon GO Fest 2022.

Pokemon GO Battle

On top of that, the recent changes to make Remote Raid Passes harder to get, and the increase to the item’s cost in the store have been equally unpopular.

Hopefully, this new event will be the morale boost that Pokemon GO sorely needs.

How to Use Mega Evolution in Pokemon GO Battle League

During the Pokemon GO Battle Day: Stardust Surprise, players will get the chance to use Mega Pokemon in PVP for the first time!

This one-time-only event will allow users to take Mega-Evolved Pokemon into the GO Battle League’s Master League exclusively.

Thankfully, with the new Mega Evolution system, it’s easier than ever to get those Mega forms!

Bear in mind that your window of opportunity to do so will only be on Sunday, May 29, from 12 AM to 11:59 PM local time!

Pokemon GO Mega Blastoise

Players will need to Mega-Evolve their Pokemon before heading into battle, but they’ve got plenty of time chance to fight alongside their powerful ‘mons. After all, the maximum number of sets you can play per day is temporarily increased from 5 to 20.

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GO Battle Day: Stardust Surprise Rewards

With a total of 100 possible battles, players will also be earning 4x the usual amount of Stardust from win rewards!

What’s more, any trainer who completes a set at any rank will get Gladion’s Pants for their avatar. This reward will only trigger if you don’t already have the item in-game, however.

Master, Ultra, and Great Leagues will all be available to battle it out in for extra Stardust! Here are the teams you should be using for each:

Speaking of using Megas, don’t forget to beat Mega Altaria in Raid Battles now! The powerful Mega form will certainly help you out in the upcoming GO Battle Day.

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