The September 2023 Pokemon GO Hatch Day event features the blue, mouse-like Pokemon Azurill.

As the featured Pokemon of this Hatch Day event, there will be an increased chance of hatching Azurill during this event.

Additionally, there are some great event bonuses and Research for players to enjoy during this Hatch Day!

Pokemon GO Azurill Hatch Day Date & Time

Pokemon GO Azurill Hatch Day is taking place from 2 PM until 5 PM local time on September 30, 2023.

This gives players three hours to hatch as many Eggs as possible to get the rare shiny version of Azurill!

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  • Event End:
Azurill in Pokemon GO

Azurill Hatch Day Bonuses

The following bonuses will be active for everyone during the whole of the Azurill Hatch Day event:

  • Increased chance of hatching Shiny Azurill
  • 2x Candy from hatching Eggs
  • 2x Stardust from hatching Eggs
  • 2km Eggs will drop much more frequently from PokeStops

Niantic has not confirmed the shiny rate for hatching Azurill during the Hatch Day event. However, judging by the previous Riolu Hatch Day event, the odds will be roughly 1 in 25.

Azurill Hatch Day Research

Every Pokemon GO player will get some exclusive Timed Research during the Azurill Hatch Day event, and completing it awards a Super Incubator and plenty of XP!

Additionally, there will be some limited-time Field Research Tasks, which players can pick up by spinning PokeStops or Gyms during the event. The rewards for these Tasks include Stardust, berries, Poke Balls, and XP.

Pokemon GO Azurill Hatch Day Info
Credit: Niantic
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