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Pokemon GO: Articuno Raid Guide – Counters & Weaknesses

Articuno is back in Pokemon GO Raid Battles! Here’s everything you need to know about counters and weaknesses, as well as its stats and moves once caught!

The legendary birds are back in Raids this July! Articuno will be featured from July 1 – July 7 meaning players should definitely use this opportunity to catch it!

Articuno will be featured along with 3 other Legendary Pokemon this July (all in rotation):

  • Zapdos – The Electric Legendary Bird
  • Moltres – The Fiery Legendary Bird
  • Dialga – The Pokemon in Control of Time

See the full Pokemon GO July raid schedule here!


Best Counters To Articuno

Articuno Type Weakness

As an Ice/Flying type Pokemon, there are 4 types that are super effective against this Raid Boss. These are:

  • Steel
  • Fire
  • Electric

Each of these types will deal 160% damage to Articuno however, the fourth type – Rock – will deal 256% damage! Players should utilize this double weakness to take Articuno down quickly and easily!

Naturally, there are also types that the boss is resistant to:

  • Bug
  • Grass
  • Ground

Bug and Grass type moves will deal 63% damage whilst Ground type moves will only deal a measly 39% damage!

Players should stay away from these types to avoid being beaten by Articuno!

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Best Pokemon To Use In Articuno Raids

Below is a list of the top 5 Pokemon we recommend using against this Raid boss. This is due to their access to Super effective moves.

  • Omastar
  • Rhyperior
  • Rampardos
  • Golem
  • Aggron

It’s likely that there will be more Pokemon in the future that can easily beat Articuno. Especially since a datamine revealed over 50 new Pokemon being added to the game!

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Stats And Moves

Like other Legendary Pokemon in the past, Articuno has the potential to be shiny once caught! Another Pokemon perfect for Shiny hunters!

Its stats are nothing to laugh at either! Articuno boasts the following stats:

  • Defense: 236
  • Stamina: 207
  • Attack: 192

Although Articuno’s attack isn’t as high as Moltres (who is also available to catch this July), its defense makes up for that – making it a hardy Pokemon for your team.

Furthermore, once caught Articuno has access to the following moves:

Fast Moves

  • Ice Shard (Ice type)*
  • Frost Breath (Ice Breath)*

Charged Moves

  • Ice Beam (Ice type)*
  • Blizzard (Ice type)*
  • Ancient Power (Rock type)
  • Icy Wind (Ice type)*
  • Hurricane (Flying type – this move can be taught through the use of an Elite TM)*

Moves marked with * benefit from the 20% attack bonus thanks to STAB (same type attack bonus)

Articuno is going to be featured alongside the Mega Raid for Mega Charizard X – another great Pokemon to add to your team!

Articuno’s announcement comes just a day after the reveal of the July Community Day Pokemon! Which couldn’t have been better timing.

Especially since many players found the July community day Pokemon to be disappointing.

However there is also a TCG Hat Pikachu spotlight hour to look forward to – but fans are still waiting for the Cowboy Hat Snorlax.

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