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Pokemon GO April Fools’ 2022 Event: How To Complete & All Rewards

A full guide on how to complete this year’s April Fools’ 2-Oh?-22 Event in Pokemon GO!

Get ready, trainers – at 12 AM local time on 1st April, the April Fools’ event is rolling out! Niantic has teased information about the event for a while, but now we have full confirmation on the special research that’s dropping.

The event runs for 24 hours, giving players plenty of time to catch some new Pokemon and complete a new special research storyline.

April is bringing lots of exciting events to Pokemon GO, and players are already puzzling over how this event plays into the Season of Alola storyline. Read on for a full guide on how to complete the April Fools’ special research, and all the rewards that await!

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How to Complete the April Fools’ Special Research & All Rewards

This year’s April Fools’ event runs for a full 24 hours. In order to access the special research, players need to play during this time. The research can be completed at any time, so while there’s no rush to finish the research in one day, you must go online on April 1 to make sure you don’t miss out.

The special research is divided into three steps, with each step consisting of three research tasks. Read on to find out how to complete the April Fools’ event special research, and what rewards you get for completing it!

Step 1: April Fools’ 2-Oh?-22 (1/3)

Catch 10 Pokemon25 Pokeballs
Catch 5 Normal-type Pokemon5 Potions
Make 5 Nice Throws5 Nanab Berries

Step 1 rewards: 1000 Stardust, 15 Ditto Candy, 5 Razz Berries.

Step 2: April Fools’ 2-Oh?-22 (2/3)

Catch 10 Pokemon15 Great Balls
Catch 3 of the Transform Pokemon5 Super Potions
Transfer 10 Pokemon5 Pinap Berries

Step 2 rewards: 1500 XP, 15 Ditto Candies, 1 Silver Pinap Berry.

Step 3: April Fools’ 2-Oh?-22 (3/3)

Claim reward!10 Ultra Balls
Claim reward!5 Hyper Potions
Claim reward!3500 XP

Step 3 rewards: 3000 Stardust, 15 Ditto Candies, Encounter Ditto.

What Are The Transform Pokemon in Pokemon Go?

The transform Pokemon is none other than Ditto, the fan-favorite Normal-type introduced in Pokemon Red and Blue. Ditto is a unique Pokemon, because it will never appear on the overworld as itself. Instead, it disguises itself as another Pokemon.

Full list of Ditto disguises in Pokemon Go

A Ditto stands, arms outstretched, with a cute smile.

While Ditto will always be disguised as another Pokemon, it will always disguise itself as one of the Pokemon from the list below:

  • Ekans
  • Gastly
  • Natu
  • Surskit
  • Finneon
  • Lillipup
  • Dwebble
  • Swirlix

Eagle-eyed trainers will notice that Ekans is a new addition to this list. Ditto has never disguised itself as Ekans until this event, giving players a new way to add this elusive creature to their collection.

Additionally, if you’re lucky, you may encounter a Shiny Ditto in this event. Shiny Ditto appear as blue instead of the regular pink. The Pokemon Ditto has disguised itself as will never be shiny, meaning if you’ve encountered a shiny one, you’ll only know for sure when you’ve caught it.

We can’t wait to take part in this April Fools’ special research. April is set to be an incredibly exciting month in Pokemon GO, with lots of exciting events on the horizon. Players will get the chance to learn more about the Season of Alola’s storyline, while getting to meet some new Pokemon.

If you want to know the best Pokemon to battle with this month, then check out our guide on the best teams in Pokemon GO for April 2022 here!

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Friday 17th of June 2022

It looks like you may have copied and pasted Step 3, as instead of the actual tasks, it says “Claim Reward!”


Friday 29th of April 2022

So how do you catch the transform Pokemon after the April event? And is it still the same Pokemon can be a ditto?

Patricia Massey

Sunday 3rd of April 2022

If you get the task on page 2, task 2 and then can't get the transform, what do you do? Do I have to wait until next year?

Friday 1st of April 2022



Thursday 31st of March 2022

Lilipup is a ditto too