An Instinctive Hero is the first Pokemon GO event of May 2023, and it is introducing some brand-new Field Research Tasks centered around hatching Eggs to complete.

This is especially handy as players will want to hatch plenty of Eggs during An Instinctive Hero. Not only can you hatch the new Pokemon Larvesta from 2km, 5km, and 10km Eggs, but there is also a brand-new 7km Egg with the event!

If you spin a PokeStop during the An Instinctive Hero event (from 10 AM local time on May 2 to 8 PM local time on May 8, 2023) you can get one of the three new limited-time Field Research Tasks. They are:

Field Research TaskReward
Hatch an EggElectabuzz, Magmar, or Mantine encounter
Hatch 2 EggsChansey or Chimecho encounter
Hatch 3 EggsMagneton or Snorlax encounter

If you want to complete these Field Research Tasks, you’ll need to know how to get more Eggs in Pokemon GO. After all, the more Eggs you hatch, the more Field Research Tasks you can complete during An Instinctive Hero!

Also, the official Pokemon GO Egg Hatching Widget is a must-have for any Pokemon trainer who wants to hatch Eggs. This is because it lets you easily track your progress without even opening the app!

An Instinctive Hero Field Research Encounters
Credit: Niantic

What’s more, there are plenty of exciting Pokemon that you can hatch from Eggs in Season 10: Rising Heroes. Find out all of the possible hatches below:

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