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All Mythical Pokemon in Pokemon GO & How to Catch Them

Here’s a list of every Mythical Pokemon in Pokemon GO right now and how you can get them. Good luck adding them all to your Pokedex!

Pokemon GO is all about catching ’em all and while you are able to find most Pokemon out in the wild, there are some Pokemon that are very difficult to catch.

Mythical Pokemon are some of the most highly sought-after Pokemon in the game and many of them can only be caught after completing specific Special Research Tasks.

Here’s a full list of every Mythical Pokemon in Pokemon GO right now as well as how you can get them!

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Pokemon GO Celebi

Every Mythical Pokemon in Pokemon GO & How to Catch Them

This is every Mythical Pokemon in Pokemon GO, as well as what you need to do to catch one. We will update the list every time another one gets added!

  • Mew
    • A Mythical Discovery Special Research
  • Celebi
    • Distracted by Something Shiny Special Research
  • Jirachi
    • A Thousand-Year Slumber Special Research
  • Deoxys (Normal, Attack, Defense & Speed)
  • Darkrai
    • 5-Star Raid Battles
  • Shaymin (Land Forme)
    • Pokemon GO Fest 2022 Special Research
  • Shaymin (Sky Forme)
    • Available during 2022 Pokemon GO Fest
  • Victini
    • Investigate a Mysterious Energy Special Research
  • Meloetta
    • The Melody Pokemon Special Research
  • Genesect
    • 5-Star Raid Battles
  • Hoopa (Confined)
    • Misunderstood Mischief Special Research
  • Hoopa (Unbound)
  • Meltan
    • Let’s GO, Meltan Special Research
    • Using a Mystery Box During Events
  • Melmetal
    • Evolve Meltan using 400 Candy
  • Zarude
    • Search for Zarude! Special Research
  • Keldeo

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Darkrai Pokemon GO

Good luck catching all of these Mythical Pokemon. It might take a while to complete all of these Pokemon GO Research Tasks, but it’ll be worth it to get these rare Pokemon!

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