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Pokemon GO: ‘All-Hands Rocket Retreat’ Giovanni & Shadow Latias Weakness

Giovanni is back with a new team of Pokemon for players to battle in the Pokemon GO All-Hands Rocket Retreat!

Players participating in the All-Hands Rocket Retreat will be well underway with the new research storyline. When reaching the climax of the story they will gain the Super Rocket Radar item and be able to chase down Giovanni.

Naturally, players will have to battle the Team Rocket GO boss in order to save Latias. We’ve prepared a “Giovanni battle guide” on how to deal with his Pokemon below.

Pokemon GO Giovanni

Pokemon GO: All-Hands Rocket Retreat Giovanni Battle Guide

Giovanni’s Pokemon

Giovanni’s team has shifted from the last time players saw him, with the addition of Shadow Latias to his team. He will have the following Pokemon when facing players in battle during the event:

Be sure to bring the best Pokemon GO team for April 2022 in order to combat his Pokemon!

Phase 1: Persian

Giovanni’s first Pokemon will always be his signature Persian. Since it is a Normal type Pokemon it is weak to Fighting type moves.

Pokemon such as Lucario or Machamp make great counters for this exact reason. Be aware that Persian does have access to a large pool of dark type moves such as:

  • Foul Play
  • Night Slash
  • Payback

All of which are charged attacks. Persian’s stats are all under 170 so players shouldn’t have too much of an issue dealing with it.

Phase 2: Honchkrow/Gyarados/Rhyperior

For the second phase, there isn’t a set Pokemon that Giovanni will choose, rather a pool of 3. He will throw out either Honchkrow, Gyarados, or Rhyperior.

Pokemon GO Giovanni Phase 2 Pokemon


Honchkrow is a Dark/Flying type Pokemon, naturally it has access to these types of moves as both fast and charged attacks.

The best types to use against Honchkrow are:

  • Rock types
  • Ice types
  • Electric types
  • Fairy type

Pokemon such as Galarian Darmanitan and Rampardos make powerful counters with access to Ice and Rock type moves respectively.

There are five types that Honchkrow does additional damage to, however. These being:

  • Grass
  • Dark
  • Psychic
  • Ground
  • Ghost

Try to avoid using moves and/or Pokemon of these types if battling against Honchkrow.


The second Pokemon Giovanni could potentially send out is Gyarados, a Water/Flying type. Players should use caution when facing Gyarados as it only has 2 vulnerabilities:

  • Electric Types
  • Rock Types

Whereas it can deal additional damage against the following types:

  • Fighting
  • Bug
  • Steel
  • Fire
  • Water

As well as having access to Dragon type moves. Gyarados’ stats are nothing to laugh at either with Attack and Stamina both over 200.

Having a strong Electric type allows players to have a type advantage if facing either Honchkrow or Gyarados.


Rhyperior is the final Pokemon we’re covering that Giovanni can send out in phase 2. A heavy hitter, Rhyperior has both strong defense and attack stats alongside formidable stamina.

As a Ground/Rock type Pokemon, Rhyperior is vulnerable to:

  • Water types
  • Fighting types
  • Grass types
  • Ground types
  • Steel types
  • Ice types

However the following types are vulnerable when facing Rhyperior:

  • Normal types
  • Flying types
  • Rock types
  • Fire types

With both Poison and Electric being ineffective against Rhyperior.

Once the phase 2 Pokemon is dealt with, Giovanni will send out his final Pokemon.

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Pokemon GO Latias
Niantic/The Pokemon Company

Phase 3: Shadow Latias

Giovanni’s third and final Pokemon is the Shadow Latias revealed in the event details. Whilst boasting high defense and attack, Latias can be taken down easily with the right types.

Latias is a Dragon/Psychic Pokemon meaning it is weak to the following move types:

  • Bug
  • Ghost
  • Ice
  • Dragon
  • Dark
  • Fairy

Whereas, in order to make the fight as quick as possible players should avoid using the following move types. This is due to Latias being strong against them:

  • Fighting
  • Fire
  • Water
  • Grass
  • Electric
  • Psychic

After taking down Shadow Latias players will have officially beaten Giovanni. If you want to know about other rewards we have a guide for the All-Hands Rocket Retreat event here!

Or if you want to find out what else is happening in Pokemon GO this April, we have a content breakdown right here.

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