The Pokemon GO Adventure Week event has once again given players an important choice to make after finishing step 1 of the Adventures Near and Far Timed Research Story – but is the Sightseeing or Studious path the best option?

The best path to choose in the Pokemon GO Near and Far Timed Research depends on what in-game activities you will be doing more of.

If you’re more likely to Hatch Eggs by walking long distances, the Sightseeing Adventure path is best for you. Meanwhile, the Studious Adventure path is better for players who complete plenty of Field Research Tasks.

You will earn the same rewards no matter which path you choose in the Pokemon GO Adventures Near and Far Research. However, you will want to choose the path that you will complete more easily, as they have slightly different tasks.

Below, we have included the differing tasks on each path so you can decide which one is easier for you.

Pokemon GO 2023 Adventure Week

Sightseeing Adventure vs Studious Adventure Path Tasks – Pokemon GO Adventures Near and Far

You get different tasks depending on which path you choose in the Adventures Near and Far Research. These are all of the Research tasks that are exclusive to each path:

Research StepSightseeing Path TaskStudious Path Task
2Spin 5 PokeStopsSend 3 Gifts to Friends
2Catch 10 PokemonCatch 4 species of Rock-type Pokemon
3Use 5 Berries to help catch PokemonTransfer 7 Pokemon
3Hatch 1 EggComplete 3 Field Research Tasks
4Catch 15 Rock-type PokemonCatch 7 different species of Rock-type Pokemon
4Hatch 1 EggComplete 5 Field Research Tasks

For more details, find out all of the tasks and rewards in the Adventures Near and Far Research!

Good luck completing Adventures Near and Far in Pokemon GO – no matter whether you chose the Sightseeing or Studious path! You only have until 8 PM local time on August 2 to finish it, so there’s no time to lose!

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