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Pokemon GO Adventure Week: How to Catch Tyrunt & Amaura

Pokemon GO’s Adventure Week is adding two new Pokemon to the game – Tyrunt and Amaura – here’s how you can catch them!

Pokemon GO is all about catching ’em all so it’s fair to say that players are always excited when the ever-expanding roster of Pokemon in the game grows.

Out of all of the new content in Pokemon GO’s Adventure Week event, the most exciting addition has to be that of two new Pokemon. These are the Gen 6 Fossil Pokemon Tyrunt and Amaura.

However, you may have noticed that you haven’t seen them spawning in the wild yet.

Luckily, we’ve got the answers to how you can catch both Tyrunt and Amaura in Pokemon GO.

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How to Catch Tyrunt & Amaura in Pokemon GO

There are three different ways that you will be able to catch Tyrunt and Amaura in Pokemon GO.

Adventure Week 7km Eggs

Firstly, both Tyrunt and Amaura will be rare hatches from the Adventure Week 7km eggs.

You might have to hatch a few of these to get one of the new Pokemon but there are some other rare Pokemon in the eggs too!

Find out every Pokemon in 7km eggs during Adventure Week!

Adventure Week Field Research Tasks

Secondly, Adventure Week has introduced a new set of Field Research Tasks you can get by spinning Pokestops. The rewards for these are encounters with event-themed Pokemon including Tyrunt and Amaura.

Here’s all of the Field Research Tasks and rewards in Adventure Week!

Pokemon GO Amaura

Adventure Challenge Timed Research

Next, you can also get an encounter with both Tyrunt and Amaura in Pokemon GO for completing a couple of tasks in the Adventure Week Timed Research. Although, these challenges aren’t easy and might take a while to complete.

Find out how to complete the Pokemon GO Adventure Challenge and all of the rewards!

Adventure Week Research Day – Tyrunt & Amaura Wild Spawns

The final way to catch Tyrunt and Amaura in Pokemon GO is on the Adventure Week Research Day. This will be taking place on June 12 local time but these Pokemon will only be in the wild at certain times.

Here’s when you can catch Tyrunt and Amaura on Adventure Week Research Day.

Good luck catching Tyrunt and Amaura during Pokemon GO Adventure Week 2022. This might be your only chance to add them to your Pokedex for a while!

Now you’ve caught Amaura and Tyrunt in Pokemon GO, you’ll need to know how to evolve them:

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Pokemon GO Tyrunt

Also, make sure to mark your calendars for these important Pokemon GO dates in June:

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