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Pokemon GO Adventure Week: All Field Research Tasks & Rewards

Here are all of the Field Research Tasks and rewards you can get for completing them during Pokemon GO Adventure Week 2022!

Spinning Pokestops in Pokemon GO gives you a Field Research Task to complete and these tasks change with every in-game event.

Out of everything new in the Pokemon GO Adventure Week event, the limited-time Field Research Tasks might not seem the most exciting. However, these are some of the best Tasks yet as they reward you with encounters with rare Pokemon.

Here’s every Field Research Task and the rewards during Pokemon GO Adventure week!

Also, don’t forget to complete the limited-time Adventure Challenge in Pokemon GO too!

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All Field Research Tasks & Rewards in Pokemon GO Adventure Week

These are all of the Field Research Tasks you can get by spinning Pokestops during Pokemon GO Adventure week and what reward you will get for completing them!

Field Research TaskReward
Catch 15 rock-type PokemonOmanyte or Kabuto encounter
Earn 3 Candies exploring with your buddyTirtouga or Archen encounter
Hatch 2 eggsAerodactyl encounter
Hatch 4 eggsTirtouga or Archen encounter
Spin 2 PokeStops you haven’t visited before Cranidos or Shieldon encounter
Spin 15 PokeStops or GymsLileep or Anorith encounter
Spin 25 PokeStops or GymsTyrunt or Amaura encounter
Walk 5kmTyrunt or Amaura encounter

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These Field Research Tasks are one of the best ways to get the new Pokemon Tyrunt and Amaura in Pokemon GO, but it’s not the only way.

Here’s every way to catch Tyrunt and Amaura in Pokemon GO!

As well as the Field Research tasks, don’t forget to take part in the Pokemon GO Adventure Week Research Day! There will be even more great Pokemon in the wild to conclude the week.

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In other news, find out every Raid Boss during Pokemon GO Adventure Week. You’ll want to stock up on Raid Passes!

Also, don’t miss these important Pokemon GO dates this month:

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