The 2023 edition of the Pokemon GO Adventure Week event is finally here, and there is a new Timed Research Ticket in the in-game shop to celebrate – but is it worth buying?

Here’s everything you need to know about this paid Research so you can decide whether it would be a good purchase for you!

Is The Adventure Week 2023 Timed Research Ticket Worth Buying?

It is worth buying the Adventure Week 2023 Timed Research Ticket in Pokemon GO if you’ll walk over 5km before Adventure Week ends at 8 PM local time on August 2.

This is because walking 5km is all you need to do to earn all of these rewards:

  • 5 Tyrunt encounters
  • 5 Amaura encounters
  • 2 Incubators
  • Super Incubator

For just $2 (or local currency equivalent), this provides good value for some handy rewards. Plus, this is even better value for players who are after the brand-new shiny versions of Tyrunt and Amaura!

Below, we’ve included all of the tasks and rewards so you can decide for yourself whether to buy this Research Ticket or not.

Adventure Week 2023 Timed Research Ticket

Adventure Week 2023 Ticketed Timed Research Tasks & Rewards

Walk 1kmTyrunt
Tyrunt Pokemon GO
Walk 1kmAmaura
Amaura Pokemon GO
Walk 2kmTyrunt
Tyrunt Pokemon GO
Walk 2kmAmaura
Amaura Pokemon GO
Walk 3kmTyrunt
Tyrunt Pokemon GO
Walk 3kmAmaura
Amaura Pokemon GO
Walk 4kmTyrunt
Tyrunt Pokemon GO
Walk 4kmAmaura
Amaura Pokemon GO
Walk 5kmTyrunt
Tyrunt Pokemon GO
Walk 5kmAmaura
Amaura Pokemon GO

Adventure Week 2023 Timed Research Completion Rewards

After walking 5km and claiming all of the reward encounters with Tyrunt and Amaura, you will be able to claim the following completion rewards:

  • 2 Incubators
  • 1 Super Incubator
Pokemon GO Incubators

You better get your walking shoes on if you want to complete this Timed Research before it expires. You’ve got left to finish it!

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