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Pokemon GO Adventure Week 2022: All Raids – Legendary, Mega & More

Pokemon GO Adventure Week 2022 has refreshed the Raids in the game – here’s every Raid boss during the event!

If you’re looking to catch a certain Pokemon, it can take ages. That is if the Pokemon you’re looking for is even out in the wild right now.

Luckily, Pokemon GO has Raids which let you fight, defeat, and then catch a specific Pokemon. This includes Legendary and Mega Pokemon as well as a load of more common Pokemon that you might need to complete your Pokedex.

And with every new event, the different Raid Boss Pokemon change. As well as adding two brand-new Pokemon to Pokemon GO, the Adventure Week 2022 event puts a special focus on Rock-type Pokemon.

Find out which of these Rock-type Pokemon, as well as a Legendary and Mega Pokemon, will be appearing in Raids during Adventure Week!

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Pokemon GO Adventure Week 2022 Start Date, New Pokemon & More

All Pokemon GO Raid Bosses in Adventure Week 2022

These are all of the different Pokemon that will be appearing in Raids during Pokemon GO Adventure Week as well as the Raid difficulty.

Just make sure you choose your Raids wisely. Niantic has made Remote Raid Passes much harder to get in Pokemon GO!


  • Geodude
  • Alolan Geodude
  • Sudowoodo
  • Roggenrola
  • Unown F

Just make sure you do these 1-star raids in person. Remote Raid Passes are much harder to get in Pokemon GO now!

Pokemon GO Sudowoodo


  • Rhydon
  • Shuckle
  • Tyranitar
  • Aggron

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Pokemon GO Aggron

5-Star Legendary Raid

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Pokemon GO June 2022 Raid Hours Schedule

Mega Raid

Finally, since the huge Mega Evolution update in Pokemon GO, everyone wants to complete Mega Raids. Luckily, Adventure Week has a fan-favorite Mega Pokemon in Raids:

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Pokemon GO Mega Aerodactyl

And those are all of the Raid Bosses in the Pokemon GO Adventure Week event. Which Pokemon will you be looking to battle and catch?

Also, make sure you know all of the Pokemon in 7km Adventure Week eggs. This includes the two new Pokemon in the game.

In other news, fans have called Pokemon GO Fest 2022 a huge letdown! But why are they so upset with the event?

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