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Pokemon GO Accessibility: Disabled Fans Say Game Now “Impossible”

Pokemon GO has updated with lots of exciting new events for fans to enjoy. Unfortunately, recent updates have left disabled fans feeling left out.

With Stufful Community Day fast approaching, Niantic has been teasing details of the event to get players excited. While some additions have gone down well amongst fans, some changes have reduced the game’s accessibility.

Read on to find out why disabled players are finding the Pokemon GO “impossible” with recent updates!

Walking Research Tasks Reduce Pokemon GO Accessibility For Disabled Fans

Some disabled Pokemon GO players have been left disappointed with recent updates ahead of Stufful Community Day.

A popular post on the Silph Road subreddit details a letter sent to Niantic support. The post explains how a recent game update has made Pokemon GO less accessible.

It’s well worth a read, and outlines just some of the reasons why some disabled Pokemon GO players think the game has a problem with accessibility.

Pokemon GO community day Stufful

The post explains how the Stufful community day timed research will require 1km of walking at each research stage. This could be discriminatory toward disabled players, particularly those playing in Winter or otherwise unsafe conditions.

Because not every player will be able to complete the research tasks, it definitely feels unfair to disabled players. This isn’t the first time that Niantic has messed up: read how Mudkip community day disappointed fans.

One suggestion that could improve accessibility is to remove the time limit on these tasks. Let’s hope that Niantic listens because this could make Pokemon GO more accessible!

As well as this update, the recent Pokemon GO incense nerf has made the game harder to play for disabled Pokemon trainers. However, an interview with Niantic’s Michael Steranka suggested there may be changes coming in the future, so let’s hope things get better!

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Sunday 24th of April 2022

I am not only disabled but mostly housebound. Anything that requires me to go outside is left undone. I have been playing with my family and I really can't anymore. It was so great when the company changed to mostly allow tasks etc to be done from home. I don't know how they could fix it but right now they are prejudiced against the disabled.


Sunday 24th of April 2022

Nailed it. It is so hard to play from a wheelchair. Or walker. Incense used to help compensate for the lack of mobility. The changes to it is insulting. It you want Americans to take our money and go elsewhere just say so.


Sunday 24th of April 2022

I am a player who started playing back in 2016 as well but had a massive stroke in 2019 and can only use one arm and walking is limited to shorter distances so I cannot play the way I used to anymore. I agree Niantic could definitely accommodate disabled players more than they are currently doing without losing the focus of getting out


Sunday 24th of April 2022

Removing the time limit would be a big help. I have some mobility restrictions and can never complete these challenges in the small window of time. It's disappointing to get a few steps in then be stuck due to mobility issues.


Sunday 24th of April 2022

Niantic PROVED that could accommodate players with disabilities with the “pandemic bonuses” the problem is that Niantic doesn’t care about them. Accessibility should be a part of ALL games. Unacceptable