The latest Pokemon GO event is A Paldean Adventure – and it’ll be introducing plenty of Pokemon which first appeared in Scarlet & Violet!

A whole new generation of Pokemon is coming to Pokemon GO in A Paldean Adventure, making it one of the most exciting events for a while. Plus, there are some great bonuses, updated Raid bosses, and a selection of new wild spawns.

Here’s a full breakdown of everything to expect in this event!

A Paldean Adventure Date & Time

The Pokemon GO A Paldean Adventure event is running from September 5 to September 10, 2023, starting and ending at 10 AM local time.

  • Starts:
  • Ends:
Quaxly Pokemon GO Fountain

A Paldean Adventure Event Bonuses

The following bonuses will be active throughout A Paldean Adventure:

  • The following Pokemon have an increased chance of being shiny:
    • Hoppip
    • Houndour
    • Buizel
    • Fletchling
  • PokeStops may turn gold without a Golden Lure Module
  • Trainers may find Gimmighoul Coins when spinning a PokeStop
  • 4x XP for catching Pokemon
  • 4x Stardust for catching Pokemon

New Pokemon in A Paldean Adventure

The following Pokemon will be making their Pokemon GO debuts during the A Paldean Adventure event:

  • Sprigatito
  • Floragato
  • Meowscarada
  • Fuecoco
  • Crocalor
  • Skeledirge
  • Quaxly
  • Quaxwell
  • Quaquaval
  • Lechonk
  • Oinkologne

There are multiple ways to get Sprigatito, Fuecoco, Quaxly, and Lechonk during this event. They will be available in the wild, in Eggs, and through Research.

You can get the rest of these new Pokemon by evolving the other new Pokemon!

Fuecoco Sprigatito Quaxly Lechonk Release Date Pokemon GO

A Paldean Adventure Wild Spawns

HoppipHoppip Pokemon GOShiny Hoppip Pokemon GO
HoundourHoundour Pokemon GOShiny Houndour Pokemon GO
BuizelBuizel Pokemon GOShiny Buizel Pokemon GO
FletchlingPokemon GO FletchlingShiny Fletchling Pokemon GO
Not Available
FuecocoFuecoco TableNot Available
QuaxlyQuaxly TableNot Available
Shiny Lechonk

A Paldean Adventure Raid Bosses

PokemonRaid TierStandardShiny
Unown A1Unown A Pokemon GOShiny Unown A Pokemon GO
Unown D1Unown D Pokemon GOShiny Unown D Pokemon GO
Unown E1Unown E Pokemon GOShiny Unown E Pokemon GO
Unown L1Unown L Pokemon GOShiny Unown L Pokemon GO
Unown P1Unown P Pokemon GOShiny Unown P Pokemon GO
Machamp3Pokemon GO MachampNot Available
from Raids
Camerupt3Camerupt Pokemon GONot Available
from Raids
Metagross3Not Available
from Raids
Turtonator3Turtonator Pokemon GOShiny Turtonator Pokemon GO
Mega Manectric4Mega Manectric Pokemon GOShiny Manectric Pokemon GO
Kartana5Kartana Pokemon GONot Available
Celesteela5Celesteela Pokemon GONot Available

Updated 7km Egg

The Pokemon GO A Paldean Adventure event will feature a new 7km Egg that will include the four new Pokemon added to the game.

This means that the only hatches from 7km Eggs obtained during A Paldean Adventure will be:

  • Sprigatito
  • Fuecoco
  • Quaxly
  • Lechonk
Pokemon GO 7km Egg

Research & Challenges

Pokemon GO players will have new Research and a New Collection Challenge to complete once A Paldean Adventure begins:

  • Adventures Abound Seasonal Special Research where you pick a partner Pokemon
  • New Field Research Tasks to catch the Paldean starters and Lechonk
  • Paldea-themed Collection Challenge
  • Timed Research to earn encounters with Lechonk

Good luck catching all of the new Pokemon in A Paldean Adventure! While they’ll be available after this event, it is definitely the best time to add them to your Pokedex!

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