A new Pokemon GO event means new Field Research to complete, and A Mystic Hero is giving out Stardust as well as hard-to-find Evolution Items as rewards.

The A Mystic Hero event in Pokemon GO is all about Research. It has added a new Special Research and a new Timed Research for players to complete, in addition to five event-exclusive Field Research Tasks to pick up.

Spinning a PokeStop during the A Mystic Hero event (from 10 AM local time on April 13 to 8 PM local time on April 17, 2023) could give you one of the five new Field Research Tasks added for the event.

Pokemon GO A Mystic Hero Field Research
Credit: Niantic

These are all of the new Field Research Tasks in the Pokemon GO A Mystic Hero event and the rewards for completing them:

Field Research TaskReward
Evolve a Pokemon300 Stardust
Evolve 3 Pokemon500 Stardust
Evolve 5 Pokemon2500 Stardust
Catch 3 Pokemon1 of the following Evolution Items:
Dragon Scale
King’s Rock
Metal Coat
Sun Stone
Catch 5 Pokemon1 of the following Evolution Items:
Sinnoh Stone
Unova Stone

Check out our Pokemon GO Evolution Items guide to find out more about the possible rewards from the A Mystic Hero Field Research tasks. This includes all of the Pokemon you can evolve with each Evolution Item and how you can get more of them!

These rewards are also particularly handy for Pokemon trainers who like to battle, as the Evolution Cup has finally returned! Find out the best Evolution Cup: Great League Edition battle team so you can win all of your matchups.

Pokemon GO Evolution Items Guide

Like A Mystic Hero, almost every Pokemon GO event adds a new selection of Field Research Tasks for players to complete, and there are plenty more events coming to the game soon. Check out the April 2023 Pokemon GO events schedule to find out more!

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