If you’re looking to hatch some 5km Eggs in Pokemon GO’s Season of Light, here are all of the Pokemon you can get from them!

In addition to catching Pokemon in the wild, you can also hatch them from Eggs in Pokemon GO. However, you can only hatch certain Pokemon from each type of Egg.

Every in-game season, the pool of Pokemon which are able to hatch from Eggs changes and this is no different with the Season of Light. This means that there’s a new set of Pokemon for 2km, 5km, and 10km Eggs from September to December 2022.

Here are all of the different Pokemon that you can hatch from 5km Eggs during the Season of Light.

Make sure you install the Pokemon GO Egg Widget before you start hatching though! This will help you easily keep track of your walking distance!

5km Egg Pokemon GO

All 5km Egg Hatches in Pokemon GO Season of Light

Common Hatches – Tier 1 Rarity

The common 5km Egg hatches during the Season of Light include Baby Pokemon as well as some recent additions to the game like Wimpod and Stufful.

ImagePokemonCan it be Shiny?
Togepi Pokemon GOTogepiYes
Tyrogue Pokemon GOTyrogueYes
Elekid Pokemon GOElekidYes
Magby Pokemon GOMagbyYes

Uncommon Hatches – Tier 2 Rarity

There are even more Baby Pokemon as uncommon hatches from 5km Eggs as well as the Gen 7 starter Pokemon:

ImagePokemonCan it be Shiny?
Bronzor Pokemon GOBronzorYes
Rowlet Pokemon GORowletNo
Litten Pokemon GOLittenNo
Popplio Pokemon GOPopplioNo
Miltank Pokemon GOMiltankYes

Find out how to get 5km Eggs in Pokemon GO if you’re still after these uncommon hatches!

5km Adventure Sync Reward Egg Hatches

If you have a 5km Adventure Sync Egg, the potential Pokemon you can hatch from it will be different, but you have the same chance of hatching any of the possible Pokemon in the Egg.

These are all of the Pokemon that can hatch from 5km Adventure Sync Eggs in the Season of GO:

ImagePokemonCan it be Shiny?
Cranidos Pokemon GOCranidosYes
Shieldon Pokemon GOShieldonYes
Happiny Pokemon GOHappinyYes
Munchlax Pokemon GOMunchlaxNo
Pokemon GO KarrablastKarrablastYes
Pokemon GO ShelmetShelmetYes

Also, there are plenty of other Pokemon you can hatch from different Eggs during the Season of Light:

Don’t forget that you’ll need Incubators to hatch Eggs in Pokemon GO. Find out the fastest way to earn PokeCoins in Pokemon GO so you can buy plenty of them!

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