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Pokemon GO: 4-Star Zweilous Raids Will Have Increased Difficulty

Bad news, Pokemon trainers – the upcoming Zweilous Raid Battles will be the most difficult 4-star Raid ever!

There are six different tiers of Raids in Pokemon GO, with 1-star being the easiest and 6-star being the hardest.

Of course, the new 6-star Mega Legendary Raids are the most difficult in the game and require a strong team of Pokemon trainers to complete. However, even 3-star Raids are a real challenge to do solo.

Unfortunately, it looks like 4-star Raids are getting more difficult too. Here’s what we know so far!

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Pokemon GO Zweilous

4-Star Zweilous Raids Will Have Increased Difficulty – Deino Community Day

The upcoming Pokemon GO Deino Community Day won’t just have more Deino spawns. Its evolved form Zweilous will also be appearing in Raids!

After the conclusion of Deino Community Day, Zweilous will be appearing in 4-star Raids. This is great news for fans who want to save some Deino Candy.

And while it being a 4-star Raid seems relatively simple for Seasoned Pokemon GO players, it won’t be as easy as it appears.

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Pokemon GO Deino Community Day

Niantic has announced that starting with Zweilous, Tier-4 Raids will have increased difficulty. The developer recommends you invite 2-5 other Pokemon trainers to beat this particular Raid Boss.

This is a bit frustrating for players as they’ll need to find more trainers than for previous 4-Star raids.

What’s more, you can’t use Remote Raid Passes in the Zweilous Raids so you’ll have to find others to battle with you in person!

Hopefully, players will still manage to complete these 4-Star Zweilous Raids during Pokemon GO Deino Community Day. Otherwise, we might hear some more fan complaints directed towards developer Niantic!

In other news, a new event is on the way. Here’s everything you need to know about the Pokemon GO TCG Crossover event.

Plus, this will include the debuts of two new Pokemon. Find out how to catch Wimpod and Golisopod in Pokemon GO!

What’s more, plenty of other Pokemon will be making their debut soon. Let’s hope they arrive during the Season of GO!

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