The Pokemon GO World Championships Celebration is back for 2023 and is bringing plenty of exciting new content to the game.

This new content includes a couple of brand-new Pokemon and plenty of featured attacks for evolving Pokemon, in addition to everything you would expect from a Pokemon GO event – updated wild spawns, Raid bosses, Research, and more!

2023 World Championships Celebration Date & Time

This year’s World Championships Celebration event starts at 10 AM local time on August 11, and ends at 8 PM local time on August 15, 2023.

2023 World Championships Celebration Countdown:

  • Starts:
  • Ends:
2023 Pokemon GO World Championships Avatar Items

2023 World Championships Event Bonuses

  • The maximum number of GO Battle League sets you can play per day will go up from 5 to 10
  • Pokemon encountered via GO Battle League rewards will have a wider variance of Attack, Defense, and HP

New Pokemon

The 2023 World Championships event is adding a brand new Pokemon as well as a new costumed Pikachu to Pokemon GO:

  • Passimian
  • 2023 World Championships costumed Pikachu
Passimian and World Championships Pikachu Pokemon GO

2023 World Championships Wild Pokemon Spawns

Throughout the World Championships event, these Pokemon will be spawning in the wild:

MachopPokemon GO MachopShiny Machop pokemon GO
ChinchouChinchou Pokemon GOShiny Chinchou Pokemon GO
WooperWooper Pokemon GOShiny Wooper Pokemon GO
SableyePokemon GO SableyeShiny Sableye Pokemon GO
MedititePokemon GO MedititeShiny Meditite Pokemon GO
SphealPokemon GO SphealShiny Spheal Pokemon GO
DrilburDrilbur Pokemon GOShiny Drilbur Pokemon GO
ScraggyScraggy Pokemon GOShiny Scraggy Pokemon GO
BunnelbyBunnelby Pokemon GOShiny Bunnelby Pokemon GO
WoolooWooloo Pokemon GOShiny Wooloo Pokemon GO
OnixOnix Pokemon GOShiny Onix Pokemon GO

2023 World Championships Raid Bosses

The following Pokemon will be Raid bosses during the 2023 World Championships event:

PokemonRaid TierStandardShiny Available?
2023 World Championshps Pikachu12023 World Championships PikachuYes
Alolan Sandshrew1Alolan Sandshrew Pokemon GOYes
Gligar1Gligar Pokemon GOYes
Scraggy1Scraggy Pokemon GOYes
Skarmory3Pokemon GO SkarmoryYes
Galarian Stunfisk3Pokemon GO Galarian StunfiskYes
Passimian3Passimian Pokemon GONo
Mega Gyarados4Mega Gyarados Pokemon GOYes
Cresselia5Cresselia Pokemon GOYes

2023 World Championships Exclusive Attacks

The following Pokemon will know featured attacks if you evolve another Pokemon into them during the 2023 World Championships event:

PokemonFeatured AttackAttack TypeHow to Get
Alolan Sandslash
Alolan Sandslash Pokemon GO
Shadow ClawGhost-type fast attackEvolve Alolan Sandshrew into Alolan Sandslash
Pokemon GO Machamp
PaybackDark-type charged attackEvolve Machoke into Machamp
Dewgong Pokemon GO
Icy WindIce-type charged attackEvolve Seel into Dewgong
Walrein Pokemon GO
Icicle SpearIce-type charged attackEvolve Sealeo into Walrein
Obstagoon Pokemon GO
ObstructDark-type charged attackEvolve Galarian Linoone into Obstagoon

2023 World Championships Research

The 2023 World Championships Celebration will have two different kinds of Research for all players to complete:

  • Timed Research to earn an Elite Fast TM and a costumed Pikachu encounter
  • Field Research to earn a number of Pokemon encounters, including Passimian and costumed Pikachu
Pokemon GO 2023 World Championships Twitch Timed Research

Additionally, players who tune in to the Pokemon GO Twitch channel for at least 30 minutes on August 11 and 12 will be able to earn two exclusive Timed Researches!

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