The 2023 Pokemon GO Valentine’s Day event is taking place from 10 AM local time on Wednesday, February 8, 2023, to 8 PM local time on Tuesday, February 14, 2023.

The event is introducing a brand-new Mega Evolution, two brand-new shiny Pokemon, as well as updated Raids, wild spawns, 7km Eggs, and more!

Also during the 2023 Pokemon GO Valentine’s Day event, there is the Luvdisc Limited Research Day! Of course, this has new Field Research Tasks to complete, as well as an increased chance of catching shiny Luvdisc!

Pokemon GO Luvdisc Limited Research

New Mega & Shiny Pokemon in the 2023 Pokemon GO Valentine’s Day Event

The 2023 Valentine’s Day event is adding a brand-new Mega Evolution as well as two new shiny variants to the game. They are:

Players can earn Gardevoir Mega Energy by battling in Mega Gardevoir Raids and also have a small chance of encountering shiny Tapu Lele after beating it in Raids.

Meanwhile, shiny Frillish can be caught in the wild, hatched from an Egg, or earned as a Research reward.

While the exact odds of catching shiny Pokemon in Pokemon GO are low, shiny Legendaries are actually more likely to appear than shiny versions of normal Pokemon!

Pokemon GO Shiny Tapu Lele and Shiny Frillish

All of the New Content in the Pokemon GO 2023 Valentine’s Day Event

In addition to the new Mega Evolution and shiny Pokemon, the 2023 Valentine’s Day event is adding the following new content:

Following the conclusion of the Pokemon GO Valentine’s day event on February 14, there is still plenty more coming to the game this month. The February 2023 Pokemon GO events schedule is especially busy and full of exciting new content!

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