There is a new selection of Field Research Tasks for Pokemon GO players to pick up by spinning PokeStops during the 2023 Lunar New Year event, from January 19 – 23.

Completing these Tasks will reward players with Pokemon encounters, including Fennekin, Darumaka, Buneray, Bunnelby, and Fire-type starter Pokemon.

There are only four different Tasks, but all of them can reward with one of a selection of different Pokemon. For instance, the ‘open 3 Gifts’ Field Research could give you an encounter with any of the Fire-type starters, while the Catch 25 Pokemon Task will give you an encounter with either of the two versions of Darumaka.

Here is every new Field Research Task during the 2023 Pokemon GO Lunar New Year event and their corresponding rewards:

Field Research TaskRewardImageCan it be Shiny?
Trade a PokemonParasParas Pokemon GOYes
Trade a PokemonCombeePokemon GO CombeeYes
Catch 25 PokemonDarumakaDarumaka Pokemon GOYes
Catch 25 PokemonGalarian DarumakaGalarian DarumakaYes
Send 3 Gifts and add a sticker to eachBunearyBuneary Pokemon GOYes
Send 3 Gifts and add a sticker to eachBunnelbyBunnelby Pokemon GOYes
Open 3 GiftsCharmanderCharmander Pokemon GOYes
Open 3 GiftsCyndaquilCyndaquil Pokemon GOYes
Open 3 GiftsTorchicTorchic Pokemon GOYes
Open 3 GiftsChimcharChimchar Pokemon GOYes
Open 3 GiftsTepigTepig Pokemon GOYes
Open 3 GiftsFennekinFennekin Pokemon GONo
Open 3 GiftsLittenLitten Pokemon GONo

If you don’t know how to already, find out how to Trade Pokemon in Pokemon GO. That way, you will be able to complete the Task that rewards you with either a Paras or Combee enconuter!

Also, if there’s a particular Pokemon you’re after, find out how to remove Field Research Tasks in Pokemon GO. This will allow you to spin another PokeStop and pick up a new Field Research Task.

There is plenty more for Pokemon GO players to do during the 2023 Lunar New Year event. Next, you’ll probably want to complete the Lucky Wishes Special Research for a great in-game bonus that lasts until the end of the event!

Pokemon GO Lunar New Year

In addition to all of the Research, there’s a load of exciting Pokemon to hatch from the new 7km Egg. Make sure to find out every Pokemon spawning in the wild right now as well as all of the Raid bosses in the 2023 Lunar New Year event, so you don’t miss out!

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