The yearly Pokemon GO Festival of Lights celebration is back for 2023, and it has brought a number of new Field Research Tasks for players to pick up and complete!

The new Field Research Tasks for this year’s celebration have some great rewards, including a trio of light-themed Pokemon.

Spinning a PokeStop or Gym Photo Disc from 10 AM local time on November 7 to 8 PM local time on November 12 could give you one of the event Field Research Tasks for the 2023 Festival of Lights.

These are all of the limited-time Field research Tasks available during the 2023 Festival of Lights event:

Field Research TaskReward
Catch 5 Pokemon5 Poke BallsPokemon GO Pokeball
Send a Gift with a stickerDarumakaDarumaka Pokemon GO
Walk 1 kmMorelullMorelull Pokemon GO
Hatch 2 EggsTadbulbTadbulb pokemon GO
Spin 10 PokeStopsTadbulb or MorelullMorelull Pokemon GOTadbulb pokemon GO

Out of the Pokemon you can catch from completing Field Research Tasks, you can encounter the shiny versions of Darumaka and Morelull. However, the odds of you finding either of these shinies are very low.

Meanwhile, shiny Tadbulb has not come to Pokemon GO yet, so it is not available.

Despite this, you’ll still want to catch as many Tadbulbs as you can. After all, you don’t know when it will next return to the game after the end of the event!

Pokemon GO 2023 Festival of Lights

It’s important to remember that even if you can only pick up these limited-time Field Research Tasks until 8 PM local time on November 12, when the Festival of Lights ends, you can complete them at any time!

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