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Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Remake Legendary Leak

A new Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remake leak suggests that a certain legendary Pokemon will be of great importance in the still-to-be-announced games.

The Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes are yet to get a full reveal, but an increasing amount of evidence supports that they will get one soon. Despite no showing the recent Nintendo Direct.

While nothing is concrete yet, we may be getting some Pokemon news on the 27th of February. –  The 25th anniversary of the franchise. Although some experts think we’d get this news on the 25th or 26th instead.

Either way, we’ll know more by the weekend. But a new leak from the same previously reliable source has now suggested the games will have extra content.

More specifically, an additional section of the game dedicated to one very important legendary Pokemon – Arceus.

The leak suggests that Arceus could receive his very own story-based chapter in the game. A chapter possibly taking place once the primary campaign has concluded; and your character is already Pokemon champion of the Sinnoh region.

Can We Trust the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Leak?

The information comes from Centro Pokemon Leaks on Twitter. A leaker with a reliable and accurate track record. While we can’t verify it until Nintendo confirms/denies the rumor – we’re minded to trust them.

It also tracks with Nintendo and Game Freaks Pokemon remakes of the past. The Pokemon Alpha Sapphire / OmegaRuby games were remakes of Gen 3.

In these games, the overarching legendary Pokemon received a special chapter after the main story had concluded. So it's not a stretch to imagine it could happen again.

The original Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire on the GBA eventually saw an enhanced third game called Pokemon Emerald release one year later. This was mostly the same game, but offered extra content focused on legendary Pokemon Rayquaza.

As Pokemon Emerald didn’t receive a remake alongside Ruby and Sapphire, the Rayquaza content was added to OmegaRuby / AlphaSapphire instead.

The suggestion is something similar will be done to the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes; but this time featuring Arceus.

In the original Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, the Arceus chapter was only unlockable after receiving a unique flute item from a Pokemon event. This allowed players to battle and catch Arceus after the main quest.

Unlike Gen 3, Gen 4’s third game, Platinum focused on the Pokemon Giratina. Meaning we were expecting any special chapters to go to that Pokemon first.

However, Giratina may factor into the story of the primary campaign, leaving the extra chapter for Arceus. Or perhaps Giratina and Arceus could feature in the episode together.

After all, the special Rayquaza episode in the Gen 3 remakes saw the player defeat and catch Rayquaza to defeat the mythical Deoxys. So perhaps Arceus could fill the same role, but to defeat and catch Giratina?

Why Is Arceus Important to Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

This would be a nice way to include all the main legendary Pokemon without relying on third versions or events. Things that have largely been phased out of Pokemon games today.

It’s also likely due to the role these legendary Pokemon play in the storyline of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. Pokemon games often see the player tame and catch one creature to take down another more fearsome and malevolent Pokemon.

It’s a staple of the series and would make a fitting backdrop for the Diamond and Pearl remakes endgame. Giratina is considered a dark and violent Pokemon; he’s also intrinsically linked to Arceus – his creator.

Arceus is essentially the creator of the Pokemon universe and possesses god-like powers. His story is actually a riff on the Abrahamic God of the Bible, Tora, and Quran. – So the devs weren’t kidding around when they made this character all-powerful.

Arceus was also criminally underused in the original Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, so giving him an important role in the remakes makes sense. And having the player prove themselves worthy of Arceus’s might to battle and catch Giratina is very Pokemon.

Pokemon Collection on Nintendo Switch

The leak also says that “No Pokémon collection is planned for this year.” Centro refers to a package containing multiple Pokemon games; something fans have been asking for – think Mario All-Stars.

Some fans hope Nintendo could release a Pokemon Collection in the future; possibly bundling the 3DS games into a set. This would include Pokemon X/Y, AlphaSapphire/OmegaRuby, and Ultra Sun/Moon.

This would also be a great way to allow fans to build up their Pokedex. Putting all Pokemon Generations on the Nintendo Switch bar Black/White.

Eagled-eyed Pokemon fans may point out that we’ve missed out Gen 2 from this. But word on the street is Pokemon Gold and Silver may soon be coming to the Nintendo Switch – but as a Let’s Go title.

It’s also been suggested that the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes could feature the Let’s Go catching mechanic.

We’re looking forward to the weekend to learn more! Which of course, we’ll cover the moment it breaks.

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