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Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Remakes Could Be Announced Imminently

The hype around a possible remake of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl is reaching fever pitch. Now a new rumor adds fuel to the already blazing fire.

We’ve been speculating on the possibility of a Pokémon Diamond and Pearl remake for some time. But now, a reliable leaker suggests we might catch a glimpse of them sooner than we thought.

And by that, we mean in the next 24 hours!

Pokémon Diamond/Pearl Remakes - Edge Closer to Reality?

Game Freak and Nintendo will be holding a special event in partnership with the International Space Station (yes, you read that right). The event will take place on New Year’s Eve (tomorrow) and will showcase some big Nintendo and Pokémon news.

The event will be called ‘New Year’s Eve Space Sunrise Live.’ Now neither Nintendo nor Game Freak have revealed what will appear at the event. But all clues point to an announcement of Pokémon 2021.

Which many people expect to be the Pokémon Diamond and Pearl remakes.

Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Remakes - Further Leaks

We have examined other potential contenders for Pokémon 2021. But our money is on the Pokémon Diamond and Pearl remakes due to some major Nintendo leaks earlier this year.

Now new leaks suggest these rumors were true. The leak initially appeared on the r/GamingLeaksAndRumours subreddit.

Where it also suggests the remakes will feature Mega Evolutions, Z-Moves and the Dynamax mechanic from Pokémon Sword and Shield.

Pokémon Diamond/Pearl Remakes - Edge Closer to Reality?

The rumors state that the game will use the same engine as Pokémon Sword and Shield. Meaning that the Pokémon Diamond and Pearl remakes may use open-world elements.

The leak says that new areas are coming to the Sinnoh region and a trailer will release during the New Year’s Eve event featuring the Pokémon Arceus. And that the creator of the Pokemon universe will Mega-Evolve for the first time.

See the full leak from Reddit here.

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