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Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Remake Tease Practically Confirms Them

Sinnoh Confirmed? It looks that way, as a new tease near enough verifies the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes' existence.

We’ve been confident about the existence of the Pokemon Diamond and Pearly remakes for a while now. But today there’s little doubt left.

A tweet last night from the official Pokemon channel showed a picture of the Gen 4 starter Pokemon; Turtwig, Chimchar, and Piplup, beneath the caption ‘Let’s Go Sinnoh.’

While the tweet exists purely to stoke excitement for Pokemon Day; also the series’ 25th anniversary on the 28th of February, it did something else significant.

It was the first time that the Pokemon Company have publicly confirmed that something Sinnoh related this way comes. And we all know what that is right?

The existence of the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes has been an open secret for months. While this tweet technically isn’t official confirmation, Nintendo is giving fans a wink and a nod.

Essentially, they know that we know. And this is Nintendo finally throwing fans a bone.

Let’s Go Sinnoh – Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Remakes

We’ve speculated on whether the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes will be traditional Pokemon remakes or adopt the Let’s Go style. This closely resembles Pokemon GO in how creatures are caught. But is similar to a traditional remake in most other ways.

Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu / Eevee was a remake of Gen 1 and was largely successful. Although it did alienate some Pokemon purists.

The remake of Gen 3, AlphaSapphire, and OmegaRuby was a traditional remake, so the Diamond and Pearl games could go either way.

However, the tweet heavily implies that the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes will be Let’s Go styled games. The caption reads ‘Let’s Go Sinnoh,’ suggesting that this game will indeed feature Let’s Go mechanics.

In all honesty, we’re not surprised. Pokemon GO is still very popular, and it makes sense for Nintendo to continue to support it through the Nintendo Switch Pokemon game.

While Let’s Go mechanics would irritate many traditional players on mainline Pokemon games, the remakes of older ones have more leeway. The Let’s Go style of game will likely be how Pokemon remakes get designed from now on. 

Pokémon Diamond/Pearl Remakes - Edge Closer to Reality?

Are Other Pokemon Remakes Coming?

Yesterday something called Pokemon Let’s Go Catching leaked, giving players the impression that this was something separate from the Diamond and Pearl remakes. But they could be one and the same.

We speculated that this could be a Let’s Go remake of Pokemon Silver / Gold, possibly releasing in 2022. But this now appears to be unlikely after the latest tweet.

Another leak revealed that the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes will have a special episode featuring a very important legendary Pokemon. We’re excited to learn more about this at the weekend.

Of course, this tweet by the Pokemon Company could mean absolutely nothing. Instead, Nintendo could swerve us and do something completely different.

But many Pokemon fans were disappointed by the recent Nintendo Direct presentation, and we could really use some big Pokemon news to look forward to.

Even the Zelda announcements have left some fans disappointed, looking forward to more news about BOTW 2.

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