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Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Remake Fan Trailer Reimagines Graphics

A fan-made trailer for Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl has reimagined the game’s art style to be more similar to recent entries.

Before their announcement, the remakes of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl became the worst kept secret in all of gaming. The Switch Pro has now inherited this mantle it would seem.  

But not all Pokemon fans got the satisfaction they were looking for at the recent Nintendo Direct presentation. The remakes, being Pokemon Brilliant Diamond / Shining Pearl, were indeed announced sometime later – but not everyone was pleased with their art style.

The Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes look to be a faithful recreation of the original DS games. Both games are completely modernized and fully rendered in 3D, yet still feel lacking in the visual department.

Many fans were expecting to see a Gen 4 remake that looked a lot like recent Pokemon games. The Gen 3 remakes Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, on the 3DS used the Pokemon X / Y engine, making them a truly modern update of the Hoenn region.

Pokemon Mega Evolution

Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu / Eevee was the first Pokemon game to appear on the Nintendo Switch. And while not everyone enjoyed its Pokemon GO style gameplay, the game's visuals were stunning.

Pokemon had never looked so good, and this continued in 2019’s Pokemon Sword / Shield. So when a Chibi-styled Diamond and Pearl remake got announced, we understood the fan’s frustration.

The graphical style of Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl could indeed be considered a back-step. Especially when compared to more recent Pokemon entries.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond – Shining Pearl Art Style

Let’s not forget that the Let’s Go games were also remakes of Gen 1. Taking Pokemon Yellow as inspiration, Let’s Go Pikachu / Eevee gave players the most detailed version of Kanto yet.

Even the Gen 3 remakes on the 3DS recreated Hoenn in a manner that looks more modern than the Diamond and Pearl remakes. Fans were hoping a similar approach would apply to Sinnoh.

Perhaps they’ll need to wait until Pokemon Legends: Arceus for a more detailed exploration of the Sinnoh region. To be fair to the Gen 4 remakes, the battle system's visual style looks very similar to the modern games.

Pokemon legends

But quite why they adopted such a retro approach for the overworld, even as a tribute to the older games, is just bizarre. Other remakes didn’t take this approach and they did just fine.

Jumping from the style we’re used to during battles back to the Chibi art style of the Sinnoh overworld may be jarring for some. The developers may have been keen to differentiate Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl from Legends: Arceus. That may explain it to some extent.

Fan-Made Pokemon Brilliant Diamond – Shining Pearl Trailer

Now one fan has created their own Pokemon Brilliant Diamond / Shining Pearl trailer using an art style similar to Pokemon Sword / Shield. It’s a bit rough around the edges (as it's fan-made), but it does show off what a fully rendered Sinnoh game could be.

We’re not suggesting this is superior to the official trailer, but it’s an interesting take on what could have been. If we’re being honest, we’re still excited for Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

We’re sure that in time we’ll be able to look past its questionable art style and just enjoy being able to revisit Sinnoh in what was a fantastic Pokemon adventure – and probably will be a second time.

This will be especially true if the rumors of mega evolutions returning turn out to be true. We’re also keen to see how the remakes incorporate Pokemon Platinum content – particularly the game’s antagonistic Pokemon, Giratina.

If you missed out on any of Pokemon’s 25th Anniversary celebrations, you can catch them here. We’re going to admit it; even the oldest and grumpiest members of our team rather enjoyed the virtual Post Malone concert. He’s clearly a superfan!

Don’t forget, we’re also getting another Pokemon game in 2021, which has flown under the radar in recent weeks.

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