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Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Announcement Date Leaked?

After skipping the recent Nintendo Direct presentation, the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes announcement may still be imminent. According to a new leak.

While it was great to finally get to enjoy a Nintendo Direct show for the first time in over a year, there were a few notable absences.

The first disappointment was the lack of news regarding Zelda Breath of The Wild 2. Something Nintendo addressed directly; aware fans were looking out for it.

Even the news of Zelda Skyword Sword HD coming to Nintendo Switch wasn’t enough to satisfy fans. Other Zelda ports are also rumored.

But there was one other set of games that were conspicuous by their absence. – The remakes of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.

It’s important to point out that Nintendo has not yet confirmed the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes. However, we do know Nintendo is planning a game in 2021 – and all evidence so far points to it being a Gen 4 remake.

Various industry insiders have weighed in to confirm the games are coming. And Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes also track with GameFreak’s development cycle.

There’s even been a suggestion the game could take a more open-world approach. Similar to the Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC.

Others believe the games will release in the style of Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee. Instead of being traditional remakes like Pokemon OmegaRuby/Alpha Sapphire.

But all this is mere speculation until Nintendo formally announces the games. So take it with a pinch of salt.

New Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Announcement Leaks

The lack of Pokemon news last night was frustrating for many fans. This was the first time we’ve heard from Nintendo during an official show in over a year – and no Pokemon news at all?

But there may be a good reason for that. A new nugget of information from reliable industry insider Centro has revealed that more news is coming on the 27th of February. – That’s next week.

Centro is a reliable leaker, having been proven correct several times in the past. So we’ve no reason to doubt him yet.

The 27th of February is also Pokemon Day. And this year the company is celebrating its 25th anniversary on that date.

Therefore, it makes sense for Nintendo to wait for the 27th of February instead of the Nintendo Direct presentation.

Earlier leaks suggested Pokemon may get its own Direct show on this date – that too was from a reliable source.

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Switch 2021

There’s even talk of the announcement coming before the 27th of February. That’s because analysts believe Nintendo is more likely to confirm this news on a Thursday or a Friday. While the 27th is a Saturday.

This means, that come the 25th and 26th of February; Pokemon fans should keep their ears to the ground. The news we’re waiting for may be right around the corner. It would certainly redeem that aspect of yesterday’s Nintendo Direct show.

Let’s not forget GameFreak also filed some new trademarks last month. Which many expect could be connected to the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes.

We’ve also got a new Pokemon Snap game to look forward to this year. So, there’s plenty of reasons for Pokemon fans to be cheerful.

Here’s everything Nintendo announced yesterday at their Nintendo Direct presentation.

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Martin Zanlongo

Saturday 20th of February 2021

Nice article but dang, what awful grammar! Do they not proof read or use spell check in word?

Andrew Scholte

Saturday 20th of February 2021

I hope they do it similar to Sword and Shield. Let's Go is a style we never needed