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A New Leak Suggests Pokemon Cards Are Coming to McDonald’s

According to a new leak, Pokemon cards are coming to McDonald's Happy Meals as part of the 25th-anniversary celebrations.

Pokemon cards are still going strong in 2021 and could be part of McDonald’s next Happy Meal promotion. At least according to a new online leak.

A photo that appeared on Twitter recently showed what looks to be Pokemon cards as part an upcoming Happy Meal promotion. McDonald's often rotate their Happy Meal toys with different affiliated franchises.

They have a history of working with Pokemon and Nintendo in general. In the past, McDonald’s has run multiple Nintendo themed promotions as part of their Happy Meals.

In fact, they ran a Pokemon themed Happy Meal as recently as 2019. Past promotions have given away Pokemon themed toys and trading cards.

It appears that both McDonald’s and Pokemon have a good working relationship and that this will continue into 2021. A significant year for both Pokemon and Nintendo.

What Do We Know About the Happy Meal Pokemon Cards?

The Twitter leak shows what looks to be a new range of Pokemon cards, specifically designed for the Happy Meals. We can tell because the designs appear to be new, but they will also be unique to McDonald's.

One of the cards displaying Pikachu shows him with a number 5 on his head, suggesting this may have something to do with the franchise’s upcoming milestone.

Pokemon celebrates its 25th anniversary this spring, so we suspect the new Pokemon card Happy Meals will launch around this time. Fans also suspect that the long-awaited remakes of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl will be announced during the festivities.

Some recent trademark news has also led to further Pokemon speculation about the gen four remakes.

Classic Pokemon cards will be getting a re-release as part of the anniversary celebrations too, but this won’t have anything to do with McDonald's. Although it shows that the trading card game has plans in the works.

At this point, Pokemon card Happy Meals have been unconfirmed by McDonald's, Nintendo, and The Pokemon Company. So take it all with a pinch of salt, but the evidence seems pretty clear cut in our view.

We also suspect there could be a new Pokemon Direct show coming our way soon. This could tell us more information about the McDonalds promotion.

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