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New Pokemon Anime Intro Teases Return of Iconic Characters

The new Japanese intro for the currently-airing Pokémon Journeys anime series reveals that some iconic characters are finally making their return.

The Pokémon anime series has been running since 1997, and it’s seen some changes over the years. As protagonist Ash Ketchum continues in his journey to be the ultimate Pokemon Master, the 10-year-old has traveled all over the globe.

Now, in Pokémon Journeys, Ash’s focus is on seeing the whole world, including Pokémon Sword & Shield’s Galar region. As such, many old friends and Pokemon companions are making welcome appearances.

(Source: Netflix/The Pokémon Company)

And in the new Pokémon Journeys opening, it seems that more fan-favorite characters are about to make their return.

Pokemon’s Most Iconic Trainers to Return in New Anime Season

It seems that the Pokemon series’ most iconic trainers are about to make their highly-anticipated return in Pokemon Journeys. After the debut of the new Japanese anime intro, fans quickly recognized several notable faces.

Iris Pokemon Return Iconic Character

First up is Iris, Ash Ketchum’s companion in the Black & White era of the anime. Together with her partner Axew and fellow companion Cilan, the trio were together for the whole of Ash’s exploration of the Unova region.

In the game canon, Iris will go on to become one of Unova’s Gym Leaders, and eventually its League Champion. We’re excited to see how her character has changed since her last appearance.

But perhaps even more exciting is the return of one of the Pokémon franchises most recognizable trainers.

Pokémon Journeys: The Return of Gary Oak

Gary Oak is the grandson of Professor Oak, and is one of Ash’s longest rivals. In fact, Gary was the first Pokemon rival that Ash Ketchum ever encountered, teasing the young trainer right from episode one.

Gary Pokemon Anime Return Iconic Character

Gary’s strategy to become the strongest Pokemon trainer was to capture as many as possible, and he rarely lost a battle. However, after being defeated by both Giovanni’s Mewtwo and losing the Pokémon League, the trainer made some much-needed changes.

Now a more respectful trainer, Gary decided to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps and become a Pokemon Researcher. The character last appeared in the Pokémon Diamond and Pearl anime series.

The fact that Gary Oak is returning is sure to have a lot of old-school Pokémon fans excited. We also know that we’re going to find out more about Ash’s father in the upcoming Pokémon movie.

These call-backs are certainly making older fans interested in the new Pokémon anime series. And now Pokémon GO is also giving players the chance to become an in-game trainer, fulfilling every fans’ dream.

And a new major Nintendo leak reveals new Switch titles coming in 2021. One of them is sure to make Pokémon fans very happy.

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