Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 brings an exciting addition to the Island: Pod Plants. These extraordinary florae offer a fresh twist to the gameplay dynamics.

As the hidden jungle emerged from the shadows, new and exciting features appeared. Among them are the remarkable Pod Plants, which hold more than meets the eye.

When shattered, these plants unleash unique mechanics adding new ways to damage your opponents or to gain health. Here is everything you need to know about these flowers in Fortnite.

What Are Pod Plants in Fortnite?

Pod Plants are a feature that offers different gameplay mechanics when broken. There are three types of Pod Plants in Fortnite:

  • Bomb Flower – Explodes, dealing up to 30 damage.
  • Stink Flower – Releases a gas that makes enemies choke, damaging them for 5 HP each second they’re in the gas.
  • Slurp Plant – Provides 25 HP or Shield when broken open.
Red & Purple: Bomb Flower / Yellow: Stink Flower / Blue: Slurp Plant

Where Can You Find Pod Plants in Fortnite?

Pod Plants can be found in the new jungle biome. These flowers are exclusive to this landscape and can not be found anywhere else.

The best way to find them is by landing in one of the three new POIs:

  • Shady Stilts
  • Creeky Compound
  • Rumble Ruines

After landing, search the surrounding areas. Pod Plants are very common and will be easy to find here.

Pod Plant Locations

How to Damage an Opponent With a Pod Plant in Fortnite

To damage an opponent with a Pod Plant, you must hit a Bomb Flower or Stink Flower while they are near them.

The plants will harm any players if they are too close. To use the Stink flower, however, you must angle your strike since the plant will launch into the air in the opposite direction.

Once it hits the ground, the flower will release toxic gas in a small radius, hurting those who breathe in the air.

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